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Information is The Lifeblood OF THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY.

Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) provides healthcare organizations with the individuals crucial to making large software investments perform as expected. More importantly, we empower your staff with the software skills and expertise vital to managing critical patient information in today’s complex operating environments.

We deliver consultants to help you implement or maintain your core business applications. We don’t sell you the software or other tools. We provide you with the people whose knowledge and experience make it all work for you – for the information you need every day. And not just the technology end of things. We provide the best in the business when it comes to practical knowledge and experience with the IT software and systems your industry depends on.

Since our beginnings in 2004, we have worked with more than two dozen large integrated delivery networks, health plans, physician organizations and hospital organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. We focus on offering Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting resources for individual healthcare markets, particularly health plans, hospitals and large physician organizations.


At BEC we maintain relationships with a network of seasoned information systems professionals who specialize in specific healthcare applications. Our consultants are those in the top ten percent in their field, with 10-20 years in the field and/or 5-7 years of actual experience implementing and operating such applications as:

We work with an individual client’s needs to provide the consultant(s) with the experience and knowledge that best match the specific needs of the project. We provide much of the “heavy lifting” to ensure successful implementation and use of our client’s application. Our consultants also impart critical software knowledge to a client’s key employees – so that after the successful completion of a project, those employees have the essential skills that establish them as “super users” .


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