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Bridging the Gap between software and operations: Blue Eagle Consulting

“Our search and selection methods target only the best of the best, so that we’re able to present you with just the candidate you’re looking for. As a rule, our consultants have at least 5-7 years of operational product experience combined with 10-20 years of work within the healthcare industry.”

Over the past few years, the medical business has made brisk strides with the execution of Information Technology flourish- ing in the healthcare industry. Via information technology, doctors and medical care providers can get a big picture of any patient.

As IT increasingly penetrates the healthcare industry, physicians and patients are experiencing the benefits of on-demand access to medical information where, when and how it is needed. This is also where healthcare consultancy services also play a pivotal role. The healthcare consultants work with the healthcare industry to maximize the efficiency of healthcare-related companies.

This industry is incredibly diverse with so many parts all coming together in one way or another. Running things smoothly and successfully is not always an easy thing to do.

While information is a vital component of the Healthcare industry, it has created increased burdens. Skilled resources are required to address the  sizeable and intricate demands created by technology, especially in the  areas of implementation, workflow and reimbursement. If this  informa- tion is not managed, retained, and utilized efficiently, no organization or process can flourish. Founded in November 2004, to address this shortage of both bandwidth and expertise, Birmingham based Blue Eagle Consulting was estab- lished as an answer to such critical information management with a reliable team of subject matter experts.

More than just Consultants

Technology has been disrupting the operational models in Health- care for years. And the gradual shift to value-based care requires IT systems to be strategically optimized. With a focus on offer- ing Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting resources, Blue Eagle has been providing healthcare IT resources to hospitals, health plans, and physicians’ groups by understanding the customer’s IT environment, and successfully delivering sustainable solutions to address their needs. Their consultants assist clients in everything encompassing the lifecycle of technology or software adopted by the client, while their team of experienced coders have solutions and inputs to drive business to scalable heights, at any given stage, be it planning or management. Having worked on specific healthcare platforms for years, they have extensive knowledge as well as practical expertise. And this perfect blend of practical experience and technological advancement coupled with deep understanding of the business cycle is what sets  this  boutique firm apart from others.

Tailored solutions for the customers’ end to end requirements

With a focus on the customers’ core business applications, the firm’s consultants assist in implementation and maintenance of critical data sets. In the words of President Mark Griffin, “Blue Eagle’s success story is a true reflection of the fact that its consultants not only deliver the valuable skillsets required, but also drive an organization to the positive impact on the deliverables expected as the end result.”

They are continually improving their technology to bring greater efficiency to information man- agement in the healthcare sector. From system upgrades to revenue cycle management, their team of consultants know how to establish time tested, proven, and reliable workflows in an intelligent plat- form, making the firm a one stop solution, for all those customers who are looking for end to end software-based information management solutions.

Innovation through People Skills and not just Technology

Over the last 14  years, Blue Eagle has been doing about equal business between the provider side and health plan side, with their primary practice areas including Allscripts, Cerner, Eclipsys, Epic, Meditech, Siemens, Athena, Cognizant (Facets and QNXT). And today, the firm takes pride in successfully resolving different problems by leveraging itstried and true processes. In the upcoming year, the team firmly plans to work on  optimization, data analytics, and  integration.  It is going to be an interesting story to tell, since the firm has proven time and again, through several evolutions in the healthcare IT world, that its textbook combination of pairing software experts and in-depth healthcare business knowledge works to accomplish what its clients are struggling to achieve. With Mark’s vision and leadership, the firm will definitely be on the right track towards an even bigger success story.

Star of Blue Eagle Consulting, Inc.

Mark Griffin is the Founder and President of Blue Eagle Consulting. With a Business Administration degree from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, he has built 24 plus years of experience in healthcare software business. After being a sales VP and eventually  the CEO of a small company, he is the  force behind the success of Blue Eagle.

“We invest time up front to clearly define the business objective you want to achieve. This gives us a narrow focus from the outset, and allows us to target the individuals with that one stand-out skill you need to complete your project.”

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