Video: 4 Major Components of a Successful Go-Live

An EHR implementation is a huge undertaking, but the result should be worth it. Working with the right healthcare consulting firm makes a big difference in the outcome of your project. While many other healthcare IT consulting firms exist, Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) is different: Our approach is proven to take the risk out of the transition. Keep reading to learn how BEC can help you.

Components of a Successful Go-Live

 Super-User Engagement Program.

Here at BEC, we have unique methodologies that we employ on implementation projects and go-lives that other organizations just don’t use. As example, our approach to a super-user program is one of them. An end-user is only as good as the training they’ve received and the knowledge retained on day one of a go-live.  Even if your new platform is user friendly, all that money goes to waste without proper training. Engaging and training super-users early in the project will help operations keep running even when problems arise. 

Define what your super-use is. And you don’t have to wait until you’re doing a software implementation to start your super-user program; it can be done any time. Simply put, a super-user is someone on a unit or in a practice who understands the system and best practice workflows. This is someone the rest of the staff will recognize and trust for guidance. In some instances, they can also train new hires and work with staff who have changed roles within the practice or organization.

…A super-sure should:

·   Be engaged early in the process

·   Be in full belief of, and committed to, adopting the new platform

·   Have a voice in what their workflows are.

·   After go-live they are kept informed about upgrades, changes, and updates.

·   Get personal and professional satisfaction from keeping their teammates up to date.

Early Physician Adoption.

Involving key providers like tech-savvy doctors as well as seasoned physicians from the start of your project makes it easier to get everyone on board and excited about the new system. Even consulting them when selecting the new medical record platform can make or break compliance with the new system. Physician adoption, as a whole, can hinge on a key group of providers accepting the new software.

Training and Go-Live Support Staff.

Engaging highly experienced contract trainers through go-live means you’ll have seasoned resources that have adopted the culture of your organization and know the workflows you’ve adopted for your new EHR. This team will be critical during and after go-live. Our consultants remain available after go-live to be the main point of contact and provide at-the-elbow assistance in addition to super-users.

Partnering with Blue Eagle.

Our customized roadmap to implementation and unique methodologies cover all the bases and ensure your team has the resources and confidence necessary to succeed. This includes matching consultants based on their background and previous healthcare industry experience so they can connect more effectively with end-users. 

We understand your concerns about patient care and safety and your apprehension about loss of revenue. We’ve been where you are, and with 17 years of experience, we know how to get you where you need to be. Contact us today to see how we can provide you with the consulting resources you need for a successful go-live.