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5 Ways Your Healthcare VMS Could Be Stifling Your Operations

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are gaining a lot of popularity in the Healthcare IT industry. Their promises to improve efficiency, save money, and improve candidate quality are definitely attractive. And when a healthcare organization is searching for IT generalists, developers, and other undifferentiated contingent labor these promises mostly prove true.

Issues begin to arise however, when the VMS begins to attempt to encroach on true professional services, and high-level consulting. Specialized expertise requires specialized search and selection; something a VMS just can’t do well. In fact, attempting to use a VMS to fulfill these needs can actually decrease productivity, eat up hiring managers’ time, and produce lower quality candidates.

To help you understand the areas where your VMS might be falling short, we’ve published a new e-book entitled, ‘Is Your VMS Stifling Your Operations?’.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why leveraging a healthcare VMS’s candidate database can actually leave you with fewer options
  • Why candidate fulfillment rates for VMS are actually three times worse than the average professional service firm
  • How utilizing a VMS for a specialized candidate can reduce candidate quality
  • And more…

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