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Providing the Right Skill sets to Match the Needs of the Healthcare Industry: Blue Eagle Consulting

We empower your staff with the software skills and expertise vital to managing critical patient information in today’s complex operating environments.

Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) provides healthcare organizations with the individuals crucial to making large software investments perform as expected. The company delivers contract Health IT resources to help you implement or maintain the core business applications – so that you get the information you need every day.

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Blue Eagle Consulting doesn’t sell you the software or other tools. It provides you with the people whose knowledge and experience make it all work for you operationally vs. just the technology itself. The firm provides the best in the business when it comes to practical knowledge and experience specific to the IT software and systems the healthcare industry depends on.

Blue Eagle Consulting: Where the Focus Is On the Individual

Blue Eagle Consulting has worked with more than 50 large healthcare organizations and successfully completed over 600 individual projects/engagements in the United States and Puerto Rico. It focuses on offering Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) consulting resources for individual health care markets, particularly health plans, hospitals, and large physician organizations.

BEC maintains a network of seasoned information systems consultants who specialize in specific healthcare applications. The consultants are in the top ten percent in their field, with 10-20 years in the field and a minimum of 5-7 years of actual experience implementing and operating specific software applications.

The company works with an individual client’s needs to provide them with a consultant(s) with the experience and knowledge that best match the specific needs of the project.

Let’start The Ball Rolling With Mark Griffin, President:

Can you talk about the inception of the company? 

The company was created to address a critical need that I saw happening, which was the shortage of both bandwidth and expertise for IT personnel in the healthcare industry, specifically, around the software side. So, recognizing all the things going on in the industry and coinciding with a great opportunity, Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) was set up in November 2004.

What is your company’s take on innovation?

We have a different twist on innovation. We provide innovation through the people that we pro- vide to our clients. Here, innova- tion is to better use the software or most effectively implement software or operationally be a better organization, whether it’s a health plan or a hospital. This comes from innovative ideas that only come through people who have a ton of experience and skills around it. So, innovation has to come from people and that’s what we do, provide the people who not only bring innovation but help the organization themselves to create their own innovation.

Discuss the challenges you faced or face in this industry.

Initially, there were two challenges – the first one was that we were a small company and back then we needed visibility and awareness; that’s just a challenge, you have to get out there and get noticed. Eventually, it will take care of itself not only through our efforts but also through referrals.

The other challenge that is still there to this day and is very critical in our business is that there isn’t an in-between. It is very binary in terms of our value. We are either 100% valuable to the people in the project we help run or we are not. If we are going to engage a client then they expect our people to be very good. They are paying to get these valuable people and as long as they come in with a high degree of experience and skill, it’s perfect.

What makes BEC different than its competitors?

Its results; a proven and consistent record of results. Clients call and immediately need high talent in a very short amount of time. We get it quickly; we have done it many times before. So you know, low effort, low risk and high return and clients like that, they expect us to deliver which we do, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time and trial and error, trying to explain to us what they want us to deliver to them.

What are the future prospects of the company?

I think we remain here with our results in solving issues of bandwidth and expertise. It is so exciting and it is growing greater, people still need to solve the expertise or the bandwidth issues…usually both. The key is- it changes. It was EHR 5 years ago. We are now working on Optimization and Data Analytics or Integration. Its different issues but it’s around the same problem i.e. our clients have invested in very sophisticated and capable software but it requires time and talent to get it to work right. And that’s what we help solve. We aim at continuing best at it in the coming years.

Skilled Consultants Make Happy Clients

“Your consultant is a high performing member of the team and he’s very knowledgeable, independent, and resourceful. He has brought a wealth of technical knowledge and has been a true contributor to the team’s efforts.” Systems Administration Mgr.,Health Plan

“You are amazing! I didn’t think there were people out there that could fulfill this set of requirements!” Senior I.S. Project Manager IDN Client

“Your consultant is as close to perfect as any programmer I have ever worked with. Not to mention his documentation and follow-through. He is also very, very fast.” Hospital, IS Director

Applaud the Trailblazer

Mark Griffin, President: An alumnus of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, Mark prior to founding Blue Eagle Consulting served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Medmined Inc, Nationtax Online Internet ASP solution provider, and at Reynolds & Reynolds / Salcris Systems, Inc. Furthermore, in his early days, while working in Tandy Corporation, Mark was Ranked #1 of 420 salespeople nationwide twice. “We have a 14-year track-record of delivering success to Healthcare Clients on a variety of IT projects; providing senior-level consulting professionals with heavy operational and software expertise.” 

Read the official press release here.

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