About Us

At Blue Eagle Consulting, we know you need to have your enterprise systems running correctly as quickly as possible, and it’s challenging to do that without expert help. You may not have the internal bandwidth or expertise, which makes it stressful, overwhelming and costly to keep your systems running like they should.

Who We Are

We believe you shouldn’t have to endure the costly risk to get the help you need. And we understand how important it is to eliminate downtime, which is why we have helped hundreds of companies get skilled consultants to help them within days, not weeks — all with no training required! Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get you the help you need. By trusting us at Blue Eagle, you can stop worrying about your enterprise system, and instead enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a team of consultants who have the skills and experience to make it happen.

What We Do

Since 2004, we have built a strong reputation for delivering successful outcomes to healthcare clients across various projects. Our team comprises experienced senior-level consulting professionals with extensive expertise in both operations and software. Our greatest achievement lies in creating an ideal harmony between our consultants' skill sets and our client's specific business needs. To achieve this, we invest time upfront to thoroughly understand and define the project's business objectives, which gives us a narrow focus from the beginning and identifies individuals with the standout skills necessary to complete the project.

Blue Eagle Consulting provides valuable resources for a wide range of projects, including EHR/ERP implementations, Health Plan Build/Config, Revenue Cycle Management, ICD-10, Meaningful Use, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Data Warehouses & Data Architecture.

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Data Analytics

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Managed IT Services

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Revenue Cycle Management

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Project Management Consulting

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Training & Activation

How We Do It

We know you’re looking for more than just one person, and we understand that it takes a high level of expertise and skills to get the job done. That’s exactly the talent it takes to be considered for one of our consulting positions at Blue Eagle.

Our search and selection methods target only the best of the best, and our consultants have at least 5-7 years of operational product experience combined with 10-20 years of work within the healthcare industry. You’re in good hands with us, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way in achieving success.


Blue Eagle Proudly Supports:

Our Leadership Team

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Mark Griffin


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Lauren Wadsworth

Director Of Business Development

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Kathy Kerbel

Senior Director, National Accounts

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Jeff Lawrence