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Sherry Pouncey

Director of Professional Services

Sherry Pouncey is a Clinical Nurse Informaticist with 27+ years in ambulatory, clinical, and surgical care in provider organizations.

Ms. Pouncey also brings 13 years of experience as a consultant for physician strategy and full Cycle Project Management for software migration. She has worked in both acute care and ambulatory venues, with a heavy emphasis on provider workflow and best practice knowledge for IT migration in large, complex multi-facility organizations. Ms. Pouncey’s role is to improve and facilitate the company’s consulting services operations to achieve customer success by promoting, managing, and delivering professional services for our clients. Ms. Pouncey leverages her in-depth understanding of a clients’ business requirements to ensure successful project alignment and completion.

Ms. Pouncey lives in Chelsea, Alabama with her husband of 31 years.

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