Blue Eagle Advantage

We focus on what we believe is the most important issue when it comes to software consulting services – the individual. A client’s specific needs. The people most qualified to provide valuable knowledge and critical deliverables.

So we only work with senior level consulting resources—independents at the top of the software resource pyramid. Those at the pinnacle of experience and skills on a specific healthcare software product. We won’t use them to train juniors on your dime, and none of them work multiple accounts. They have a proven record of providing the heavy lifts required to ensure execution on a client’s chosen software platform.

In our seventeen years serving the healthcare industry, we have become our clients’ trusted advisor, providing the best software consultants and SME’s available for critical projects. We’ve provided resources for jobs as simple as report
writing and as complex as multiple, simultaneous Implementations and integrations of Hospital, EHR and Ambulatory systems within large IDN’s. We are a sourcing partner for one of the leading International Consulting firms in
the world as well as some of the largest Healthcare Providers and Payers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look for a select group of new clients each year to focus on. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your organization to understand if our achievements and in-depth experience can be vital to your success with the Implementation, Use, and Optimization of your Healthcare Software.

Call us today on 1-866-981-1095 and we are always here to provide you the customized support you need.