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Blue Eagle Consulting Implementation Activation Tool

Many healthcare Payers and Providers lack the resources to help with their enterprise health systems. At Blue Eagle Consulting we are able to fill that gap immediately by providing senior-level, dedicated Health IT resources so you get expert help without any risk or additional effort. This includes implementation and activation support for both Ambulatory and Inpatient organizations. These are massive, heavy lift events requiring a partner with the proven ability to deliver, manage and fine-tune resources, sometimes several hundred…especially after day-one.

At Blue Eagle Consulting, our approach to implementation and activation support is different, we strive to achieve more.  Our goal is to facilitate a successful implementation and that is easily measured by the confidence and success of your end-users.  It’s more than staffing a specific number of resources. It’s about the value each of our resources will bring and how we manage the day to day of a go-live.

Check out our exclusive tool to enhance and support our mission in achieving that goal. By dynamically assessing end-user interactions, in real time, Blue Eagle is able to deliver successful, large – scale implementations with superb results.  Take a look at how our staffing tool makes tracking and accountability a real time asset for our clients.

As you can see, we do more than just staff your go-live. It’s not just about numbers. It’s about how we manage our resources and the data gathered while we interact with your end-users. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about taking your go-live to the next level.

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