Deeply involved in Pairing: Kathy Ireland Highlight

Blue Eagle’s President, Mark Griffin, was recently invited out to Los Angeles by Worldwide Business for an exclusive interview to discuss Blue Eagle’s continual support to payors and providers. Mark and Kathy discussed a variety of topics which we are proud to share clips of. This particular clip highlight’s how Blue Eagle is adapting to the times.

To view the full feature on YouTube click here. It will also be featured nationally and around the world on Kathy’s award-winning television series, Worldwide Business. 

Worldwide Business is weekly half-hour show hosted by business mogul, Kathy Ireland, that features global executives sharing their business insights and framing the opportunities shaping their industries.  Blue Eagle’s episode will air on the Fox Business Network next month, more details to come. To tune in, use the channel finder at to find your local viewing channel. Viewers can also visit Blue Eagle’s site or social channels to catch the full interview. It will also be featured on the Worldwide Business social media network pages