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Health Data Analyst for Hospitals and Health Plans

Healthcare margins and reimbursements are shrinking every year. The steady stream of new rules, new codes, and new quality measures mean that your ability to optimize performance and make key decisions for your organization is under constant threat.

Add to that the complexity of combining data across a typical provider network with multiple, disparate EHRs, other proprietary clinical systems, pharmacy, billing, the sheer volume of data, and its exponential growth rate, and you can easily see the potential for lost revenue, billing, and claims errors, and even audits from CMS.

A strong, reliable data environment is your key to making decisions, advancing program performance, and achieving a new level of overall organizational awareness.

We provide veteran consulting resources with both software/technical and operational/clinical expertise to answer this growing need. Our resources are supplies on a custom-fit, just-in-time delivery model.

As a vendor, neutral consulting company, were not locked into any predetermined set of tools or software. We have consultant specialists in data analysis across EMR vendors like Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, and others. For health plans, our depth in Facets and QNXT is unmatched.

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