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How to Find the Perfect Health IT Consulting Partner

When it comes to your organization’s critical projects, it’s no secret that having great partners close by can help to make or break them. But with all the options available for consulting resources, choosing the right partner can be a challenge. How will you know the kind of service you can expect? How much of your own time will you have to spend sifting resumes and interviewing candidates yourself? There may be many other questions that you’re trying to answer for yourself.

To help you close the loop on these questions we’ve created a new e-book called, ‘5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Health IT Consulting Partner’.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why specialization in Healthcare is a must-have
  • The benefits and risks present in each consulting model (contract, contract hire, permanent placement, etc.).
  • The quality difference between a bench consultant and an independent consultant
  • And more…

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