Industry Spotlight: Featuring National MedSpace Management – Credentialing Experts

About National MedSpace Management

National MedSpace Management. was founded by Rob Solis III & David McCutchan out of Austin TX. Rob & David set out to accomplish one goal – provide Telehealth Providers with fully managed, turnkey, virtual office space in all 50 states allowing them to meet credentialing requirements at a manageable cost.  When they say “virtual office space” they are referring to a physical office location that is staffed with a secretary, stocked with the necessary medical equipment, meets proper zoning requirements, and checks all other necessary boxes to meet Commercial Payer & CMS credentialing requirements.

The Problem They Solve

Rob & David noticed that telehealth providers were stuck between a rock & a hard place when it came to what they would list as their office. If they tried to use their home address, it would only work for the state they lived in & would also make their address part of public record. If they wanted to use a traditional coworking space or PO Box as their address, it would oftentimes not meet credentialing requirements & would be rejected or even worse – be at risk of being caught down the road through a site inspection. Lastly, if they wanted to build their own space it would take more time & capital than most companies are able to spare.  National MedSpace Management completely reduces the headache & risk of trying to skate by with a noncompliant address, provides a cost-effective solution & security that prevents home addresses from being public record.

Solutions they Provide

NMS Mgt. has tailored solutions & packages specific for all Telehealth Practices. Specifically, for Behavioral Health & Medical. NMS Mgt. recently opened their first location in TX but plan on scaling to all 50 states in the near future.

Rob & David are always open to meeting with industry professionals & telehealth providers to discuss potential solutions. They are best reached via email at &