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PRN Health Plan Nurses Infographic

Whether you have acquired a new business line or have a staff shortage, the need for experienced Health Plan clinicians for PA review, G&A, etc. is a challeng ... Read more

Interoperability— Curing Healthcare Data’s “Tower of Babel"

United Nations diplomats speak a multitude of languages th ... Read more

It’s 2019—Time to Take Value-Based Care at Face Value

This year has been forecasted to ... Read more

How AI and Data Visualization Work Together to Make Healthcare Healthier

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s mind lately. ... Read more

Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers of 2017!

Boutique Consulting for Revenue Cycle Management

In today's complex healthcare sector, developing a frictionless revenue cycle require ... Read more

50 Best Workplaces To Watch of 2017 by CIO Bulletin!

Blue Eagle Consulting, Inc.: Creating an Ideal Pairing Between a Consultant's Skillset and a Client's Business need

The medical profession has made rapi ... Read more

50 Innovative Companies to watch 2018

Providing the Right Skill sets to Match the Needs of the Healthcare Industry: Blue Eagle Consulting

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10 Best IT Services Companies 2018

Bridging the Gap between software and operations: Blue Eagle Consulting

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Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 RCM Solution Providers of 2018

Best-In-Class Health IT Consulting Services

Value and quality-based reimbursement contracts make revenue cycle ever-more complex. The a ... Read more

Improve Your Costs and Quality of Care With Population Health Management (PHM) Data

We're all aware t ... Read more

Is Real-World Evidence Part of Your Clinical Decisions?

Di ... Read more


This confusion has only intensified since October 1, 2016, when The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) year-long grace period, in which it accepted ... Read more


Blue Eagle offers a large pool of experienced HEDIS chart review nurses that can work a minimum of 20 hours a week, for a set period of time and available to work ... Read more

Health Data Analyst for Hospitals and Health Plans

Healthcare margins and reimbursements are shrinking every year. The steady stream of new rules, new codes, and new quality measures mean that your ability to opti ... Read more

The Savvy Physician's Guide to ICD-10 Coding Compliance

What you don’t know about HCC coding (or aren’t doing correctly) can cost you BIG TIME in lost income, out-of-pocket repayments, plus money to fix the proble ... Read more

Case Study: Clinical Editing System

Are you looking for a way to streamline claims processing and interface across numerous platforms?

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Case Study: Facets Prior Authorizations

Avoid penalty costs, eliminate backlog, achieve quicker and more accurate PA processing

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Case Study: HCC Infographic

Accurate problems lists are the foundation to proper HCC coding. Let us help you bridge the gap between Clinical and Coding. With this case study infographic you ... Read more

2017 Accomplishments: Year in Review Infographic

Blue Eagle is proud to provide you with a snapshot of our accomplishments over the past year to date. A special thank you to our clients and partners who entrust ... Read more

Utilization Management

Blue Eagle offers a strong PRN team to assist our HealthPlan clients in the areas of Utilization Management and Medical Management. Specifally, a team of Nurses t ... Read more

How We Do It Guide - AthenaHealth

We could just tell you how Blue Eagle Consulting provides healthcare organizations with the individuals crucial to making large software investments perform as ex ... Read more

Press Release: Experienced Nurses are Just a Click Away for Plan Prior Authorization Review

Now Health Plans Can Access Senior Level PA Review Nurses to Control Backlogs, Improve Workflow, Avoid Penalties and Stay in Compliance with Accreditation Standa ... Read more

Applying A U.S. Based Contract Nursing Service For Prior Authorization Reviews Within a Health Plan's Utilization Management (UM)

PAs are necessary for Health Plan cost containment and should be handled fast and efficiently. Yet, Health Plans have serious problems keeping backlogs under con ... Read more

2018 Accomplishments: Year in Review Infographic

Blue Eagle is proud to provide you with a snapshot of our accomplishments over the past year to date. A special thank you to our clients and partners who entrust ... Read more

How to Find the Perfect Health IT Consulting Partner

When it comes to your organization’s critical projects, it’s no secret that having great partners close by can help to make or break them. But with all the op ... Read more

5 Ways Your Healthcare VMS Could be Stifling Your Operations

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are gaining a lot of popularity in the Healthcare IT industry. Their promises to improve efficiency, save money, and improve candi ... Read more

Get the most from your Paragon upgrade or implementation

With the deadlines for Meaningful Use Stage ... Read more

Health I.T.'s journey to Meaningful Data

There can be a lot of competing forces and crossed wires on the way to uncovering truly valuable data. But the problems keeping healthcare BI from being a ... Read more

7 Steps to Assessing Your Testing Process

Putting any part of your organization under the microscope can be uncomfortable, but doing so is a necessity to ensure payer plan builds and configs are going int ... Read more

Healthy Revenue Cycle Management for 2017

There are multiple factors to be considered when ensuring you have a healthy RCM and your EHR plays a huge role. Don't let your system b ... Read more

How FHIR Power is Revolutionizing EHR Interoperability

Industry Spotlight: Featured By CardioServ - Accreditation Experts

Blue Eagle is honored to be featured by our partner, CardioServ, read the full feature ... Read more

7 Insider Tips to Make EHR Optimization Go Smoothly

Getting your EHR (electronic health record) technology up and running involves a lot of hustle and bustle for every healthcare organizat ... Read more


It’s no wonder that you’re sayin ... Read more

Physician Burnout - “Inputting All this EHR Data is Driving Me Nuts and Eating Up My Time.”

Physician ... Read more

How ERP Helps Keep Your Healthcare Organization Healthy

Sure, hospitals, medical practices ... Read more

14 Keys to Test your Testing Organization

In our last article, we talked about the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your organizations testing programs. Since testing alone can make up over a ... Read more

Measuring Success for Your Enterprise Testing

Enterprise testing is no longer an afterthought. According to SQE Magazine, Enterprise Testing alone can take up more than 34% of the ... Read more

ICD-10 is delayed… What does your organization do now?


With the passing of Bill 4302 by the United States House of Represe ... Read more

Enabling ACO Patient Engagement: Solutions for Outreach

The Path to Successful ACO Reporting & Patient Engagement, Part 2

In ... Read more

The Path to Successful ACO Reporting & Driving Patient Engagement, Part 1

It isn't always clear which road to take when tackling ACO reporting. Senior healthcare BI consultant, Ali Rizwan he ... Read more

Avoid getting burned on your ICD-10 transition

On October 1, 2014, the 30 year old ICD-9 code sets used to report medical diagnosis and inpatient procedures ... Read more

Marrying Epic Ambulatory and Inpatient: a Pharmacist’s Perspective

Ambulatory and Inpatient care have historically been two different worlds with two very different minds ... Read more

Interview with Farzad Mostashari

Eric Topol, Medscape's Editor-in-Chief conducts ... Read more

3 Critical Steps to CPOE Success

Ushering change into a busy organization is seldom (if ever) easy. CPOE implementation is no different. Jerry Chevalier, ... Read more