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Streamlining Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: Key Strategies for Success

Healthcare organizations are integral to our communities, serving as pillars of well-being. However, their financial health is equally vital for sustainability and growth. Efficient revenue management, the beating heart of healthcare finance, plays a pivotal role. At Blue Eagle Consulting, we recognize the paramount importance of a well-structured revenue cycle for ensuring both financial stability…
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Personalized Healthcare Software Training: Meaghan’s Journey to Empowerment

Healthcare software training is pivotal in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. Efficient and personalized training empowers healthcare professionals, and at Blue Eagle Consulting, we grasp the unique challenges these organizations face with new systems. Join us in this blog post as we delve into the perks of personalized one-on-one sessions and journey with Meaghan, a Blue…
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Efficiency Unleashed: The Role of a Software Implementation Consultant in Streamlining Processes

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to harness the power of technology to drive performance, boost efficiency, and stay competitive. As the software landscape becomes more complex, the role of a software implementation consultant becomes more critical than ever. Blue Eagle Consulting understands this changing paradigm and stands at the forefront of ensuring companies derive maximum…
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New Partnership: Fi-Med Management, Inc.

Blue Eagle is thrilled to partner with Fi-Med Management, Inc. The new partnership between Fi-Med Management, Inc. and Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) will take what is currently available from their proprietary solutions in partnership with BEC to create a more powerful Value-Based Care solution. In this exclusive collaboration, Blue Eagle Consulting will integrate output analysis from revealMD RAF…
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Is Real-World Evidence Part of Your Clinical Decisions?

Digital health is booming in the 21st century and bringing healthcare closer to patients…electronically. Clinical professionals have loads of real-world evidence (RWE) at their fingertips thanks to mounds of real-world data (RWD) available through EHRs (electronic health records), the use of AI  (artificial intelligence), voice assistants (link Amazon Alexa or Google Home), third-party smartphone apps,…
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AI in the COVID-19 Era: New Ways to Look at Healthcare Financial Strategy

In the rush to contain and ultimately defend against COVID-19’s impact on healthcare financial information, leaders are rapidly developing artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in healthcare, redefining both technologies and paving the way for the future of healthcare financial data and revenue cycles. According to a recent article from Health IT Analytics, “In the months since…
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3 Critical Steps to CPOE Success

Ushering change into a busy organization is seldom (if ever) easy. CPOE implementation is no different. Jerry Chevalier, veteran MEDITECH consultant, has stepped in to shed some light on how you can ensure a successful implementation. Get everyone on board for training. Having a great tool in place is meaningless if users don’t know how to work with it…
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Telehealth: Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

TELEHEALTH: PROS, CONS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN COVID-19 has taught us a lot about our healthcare. We’ve seen it bring unprecedented challenges and obstacles, which the healthcare industry has had to overcome as quickly and effectively as possible. One way that healthcare professionals are delivering care to their patients in the midst of a pandemic…
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Physician Burnout – “Inputting All This EHR Data Is Driving Me Nuts and Eating Up My Time.”

Physicians are echoing their frustration at hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare providers from coast to coast. Their high rate of physician dissatisfaction is so common because of the EHR (electronic health record) administrative burden and busywork. Doctors often feel EHR systems do not accommodate clinical practices sufficiently and frequently reduce the amount of time…
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