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Healthcare Data Analytics Services

Healthcare data analytics can help your healthcare system uncover vital insights in their data that could help them identify opportunities to provide better patient care, see a higher level of patient satisfaction, and improve patient outcomes at an affordable cost.

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The healthcare industry is undergoing many transformative changes, such as implementing or optimizing electronic health record (EHR) systems and processes to keep track of healthcare data. The pace of those changes is likely going to increase, which means that healthcare providers will have to make a special effort to modernize their electronic medical records.

For Actionable Insights, Analytics Are Key

Simplifying the collection and organization of healthcare data is a promising first step for most healthcare organizations. But using advanced tools helps to uncover the most useful patient data in a vast collection of information will be key for organizations to get the most value from big data in healthcare.

Data science is an important tool for healthcare stakeholders in general, and with advanced analytics, everything from your revenue cycle management to the quality of your health information exchange can be improved.

Healthcare Providers Moving to Big Data Analytics

Older approaches to patient care are quickly being replaced with actionable insights and predictive analytics. Healthcare organizations will need more effective clinical data management to take advantage of new, potentially transformative trends in technology and healthcare analytics. We can provide specialized expertise and technical resources to assist with utilizing your data.

Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise Data Warehousing

    The foundation for proper analysis of your critical data lies in first corralling that data from its
    various sources and making it accessible. Our expert data architects can build a solution that will

    • collect and combine data from your EHR, and other clinical systems
    • help you achieve a new level of clarity about what direction and decision need to be made.
  • Enterprise BI Assessments

    Our business analysts are equipped to assess and audit the current state of your data compared to current industry standards and applicable CMS guidelines. We can

    • recommend solutions
    • provide reporting resources
    • manage projects to help you achieve the level of analytics capability you need.
  • Reporting Optimization/Backlog Relief

    Our report writers are equipped not just to take specs and generate reports, but also

    • Direct you to the most meaningful information.
    • Train your team to operate more efficiently
    • Assist in clearing a backlog report that may have your current technical staff overwhelmed.
  • Ancillary/Custom needs

    • API Data Import/Export Scripts
    • Interoperability of Enterprise and Ancillary software systems.
    • Population Health Data feed and Analysis
    • Data Extract, Reporting and Dashboard Creation
    • Architecture support (HL7, X-12)
    • HCC coding and risk-adjustment services
    • Population health management (PHM)
    • Custom report development
    • Date Conversions/Migration
    • Legacy System Support

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