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We help you turn numbers into actionable insights.

The world is changing rapidly. Data is a big part of the reason why. But without a proper way to collect and analyze this data, it’s merely a series of 1s and 0s on a screen. This is where healthcare data and analytics services enter the room.

At Blue Eagle Consulting, we help you turn data into actionable insights. By combining modern technology and medicine, we empower you to use your data to its full potential. Get in contact with us, and we can tell you all about it.

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What is healthcare data analytics?

Healthcare data analytics is a process of analyzing data in order to derive useful information. This process can help identify opportunities to provide better patient care, see a higher level of patient satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, and cut out budget redundancies.

Because it uses real-world patient-related data, healthcare analytics can move the needle in risk-patient intervention. It can improve diagnostic methodologies and streamline treatments.

However, in order to achieve these advancements, patient data needs to be turned into actionable insights.

Turning medical data into actionable insights

Healthcare data analytics allow us to simplify the collection and organization of medical data. This, in turn, enables the use of advanced tools to uncover the most useful patient information in a sea of data, accelerating the diagnostic process and streamlining treatment. Methods like these will be key for healthcare organizations to get the most value from big data regarding patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Actionable insights don’t stop at the patient level, though. Data science is an essential tool for healthcare leaders who want to improve financial performance. With advanced analytics, everything from your revenue cycle management to the quality of your health information exchange can be improved.

But this is the tip of the iceberg. You can use predictive analytics for population health analysis. This is especially useful during global health emergencies and in predicting the effects on local communities.

The path from data to valuable insights is a complicated one, but we can help you navigate it.

Types of healthcare data analytics solutions

There are two types of data analytics you should be interested in right now: descriptive and predictive analytics.

Descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics takes historical data and puts it into context, allowing healthcare providers to extrapolate valuable insight. It’s the most ubiquitous and basic form of analytics and a great first step for most healthcare organizations.

While descriptive analytics don’t deal with future projections, they’re great at consolidating the data we already have. They can be immensely useful for extracting information from historical records to improve clinical and operational effectiveness and management.

Electronic medical records are an important pillar of descriptive analytics for healthcare professionals.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics take things to the next level. They use data to make predictions about the future. The more detailed the data, the better the predictions. This type of analytics can give healthcare professionals vital insights into disease management.

Not all healthcare providers can make use of predictive analytics. They require powerful hardware and robust IT capabilities. A simple EHR system won’t be enough to get the ball rolling.

However, if your healthcare system has the processing power and software to employ this type of analytics, then our services can be an important part of your success.

Benefits of working with Blue Eagle Consulting

Big data can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to employing it. This is where we come in. The Blue Eagle Consulting team is not only trained in the use of analytics and clinical data management, but we also have hands-on healthcare industry experience.

We know the software, but we also know the people. We know the potential pitfalls. And we know how frustrating some processes can be. We’ve been in your shoes, and that’s why we can offer you the ultimate healthcare data analytics services you can find.

Whether you want to modernize patient care or improve financial performance, the secret is hidden in a vast collection of data. We can help you uncover it and, in the process, improve patient outcomes, improve quality of care, cut costs, and much more.

With an almost perfect track record (96% success rate, if you want to get technical), we’re confident in our ability to help you. By choosing Blue Eagle Consulting, you’re not simply getting a team of consultants. You’re getting a trusted partner who wants to see you succeed. Your success is our success. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find ask us about our services.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise Data Warehousing

    The foundation for proper analysis of your critical data lies in first corralling that data from its various sources and making it accessible. Our expert data architects can build a data warehouse that will:

    • collect and combine data from your EHR, and other clinical systems
    • help you achieve a new level of clarity about what direction and decision need to be made
  • Enterprise BI Assessments

    Our business analysts are equipped to assess and audit the current state of your data compared to current industry standards and applicable CMS guidelines. We can

    • recommend solutions
    • provide reporting resources
    • manage projects to help you achieve the level of analytics capability you need.
  • Reporting Optimization/Backlog Relief

    Our report writers are equipped not only to take specs and generate reports but also:

    • Direct you to the most meaningful information
    • Train your team to operate more efficiently
    • Assist in clearing a backlog report that may have your current technical staff overwhelmed
  • Ancillary/Custom needs

    • API Data Import/Export Scripts
    • Interoperability of Enterprise and Ancillary Software Systems
    • Population Health Data Feed and Analysis
    • Data Extract, Reporting, and Dashboard Creation
    • Architecture Support (HL7, X-12)
    • HCC coding and Risk-adjustment Services
    • Population Health Management (PHM)
    • Custom Report Development
    • Date Conversions/Migration
    • Legacy System Support

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