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Healthcare project management consulting

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The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. To stay relevant, your organization needs to evolve with it. The only problem is this evolution tends to be easier said than done.

This is where project management comes in. Healthcare project management allows you to identify the avenues where your organization needs to improve. You can then use the working knowledge of seasoned professionals to plan and implement those improvements.

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What does a healthcare project manager do?

A healthcare project manager’s job is to supervise specific projects that aim to improve patient outcomes or operational efficiency in a healthcare organization.

They make project plans, synchronize the project team, oversee timelines without sacrificing quality management, ensure sustainable results, and more.

A healthcare project manager needs to be deeply familiar with the subject matter. Especially when it comes to software projects, they need to know the software but also have proven experience and knowledge in a clinical environment. This would allow them to understand the different levels of challenge related to each specific project.

Project Management—Without All the Stress

When you partner with us on your project, we work with organizational leadership to manage training, validate classroom needs and utilization, coordinate clinician training to promote course completion, encourage and coach provider adoption, and ensure that your team is ready for activation. 

We also provide professional, application-specific clinical, and non-clinical trainers and instructional designers to ensure that your staff receives the highest caliber training. Our resources are ready to guide your staff through this organizational transformation by providing at-the-elbow support and any additional hands-on mentoring you may need in the weeks following the activation.

Why do you need project management consulting?

Project management consulting allows you to implement changes to your healthcare organization more smoothly. It helps to fill certain knowledge gaps that may exist, especially when integrating new technologies.

Data management, EHR and RCM systems, and even machine learning and AI are quickly coming to the forefront of the industry. Healthcare organizations that want to keep up are constantly updating their IT infrastructure and health system, but don’t always have the resources to handle the projects in-house.

This is where PM consulting becomes invaluable. It allows organizations to bridge the gap and use the experience and skills of outside consultants for assigned projects. Skills that would otherwise take countless hours and untold resources to gain.

It’s not only technologies that can improve. With the help of the right consultants, you can significantly boost your organization’s operational efficiency.

Since many tasks in healthcare organizations are interconnected, finding ways to improve the efficiency of some tasks ends up helping others along.

Finally, project management consulting can help you overcome staff adoption issues. In every industry, people resist change. Healthcare is no exception. The right consultants can dig right into the reasons for resistance and address them. This will lead to wider staff adoption and increase overall satisfaction.

What are the benefits of PM Consulting?

With the help of project management professionals, you can make a wide variety of improvements to your organization. Getting your healthcare projects right the first time is essential if you don’t want to waste your resources and incur losses in the process.

One of the main benefits of PM consulting is improving the quality of patient care and patient outcomes. By removing redundancies and inefficiencies, doctors and patients can enjoy better communication with each other. The whole process becomes much more streamlined and transparent, which is better for everyone involved.

Resource management is another avenue where many healthcare providers can stand to improve. With constantly changing regulations, using the help of competent outside consultants becomes invaluable for improving revenue cycles and increasing ROI.

Why should you choose Blue Eagle Consulting?

At Blue Eagle Consulting, we offer you the perfect blend of clinical experience and technological skills. Our consultants have plenty of experience in both areas, bridging the ever-widening gap between the two.

With nearly two decades on the market, we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare clients get to the next level. We have a 96% success rate, so we’re confident we can help you, too.

How? We provide expert advice to our clients on designing strategic, financial, operational, and technological services to meet their desired goals, as well as managing regulatory risks to enhance their operations and the bottom line.

Our team brings years of healthcare clinical, operational, and IT expertise in internal and external projects to the table—expertise that helps you with the management of your projects and sets you up for success.

Your staff will receive the highest caliber training. We provide professional, application-specific trainers and instructional designers to make sure of that.

Our consultants are ready to guide your staff through this organizational transformation. We provide support and any additional hands-on mentoring you may need in the weeks following the activation.

Blue Eagle Consulting is the only choice if you want to get it right the first time.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Program & Project Management

    Ability to plan, execute, and manage ERP optimization projects, considering timelines, resources, and stakeholders’ requirements. We will help you plan, implement and optimize your strategic clinical and revenue cycle management systems. We will partner with you to understand your current environment and business objectives; define tangible project outcomes; and execute to meet those outcomes.
    Our employees bring a mix of clinical, operations, and IT backgrounds and have a working knowledge, or in many cases certifications for some of the industry’s leading solution vendors such as Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.
    Because we are committed to your organization’s best interest, we will incorporate your vendor’s best practices while helping you with broader governance, planning, and third-party integration issues.

    • Project Planning
    • Cost and/or Benefit Modeling
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Governance and Communications
    • Logistics Planning
    • Vendor Selection
    • Leadership Mentoring
    • Program and Project Management
    • Workflow Engineering
    • System Design, Build and Test
    • Go-Live Management and Support
    • Logistics Coordination
    • Legacy Data Management
    • Affiliate Implementation Leadership and Staffing Support

  • Training Program Management

    When you partner with us on your project, we work with organizational leadership to manage training programs, validate classroom needs and utilization, and coordinate clinician training. By promoting course completion and encouraging and coaching provider adoption, we ensure your team is ready for activation.

    Our goal is to provide the right number of people with the right skillsets for the right amount of time, either on-site or virtually, to allow your staff to enhance safe patient care and the family experience.

  • EHR Implementation

    Blue Eagle consultants are ready to step in and deliver full-cycle project support no matter where your team is in the adoption process. Get help from the beginning with a detailed implementation project plan; in the middle with education, including curriculum creation, and training; legacy support throughout the transition; and, of course, go-live. We’ve got you covered from beginning to end and beyond.

  • Preparing for Go-Live and the actual Go-Live process

    Training an entire organization for a go-live can be a daunting task. Blue Eagle Consulting offers industry-rated training and go-live services to assist organizations with bringing their systems live. We also ensure users are fully trained and supported throughout the project.

    With an abundance of go-live resources ready to guide your staff through any transformation, our training and services are fully managed and designed to align with your needs through your go-live, steady-state, and optimization. Blue Eagle supports all major EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, and more.

    Blue Eagle Consulting can customize our offering, either on-site or virtually, to fit the needs of your organization. Whether it is a phased approach or a big bang go-live, our leadership, training, and support experts are ready to provide the best solutions and services the industry has to offer. With our staff, methodology, and tools, Blue Eagle Consulting has the experience to organize, schedule, and manage any size go-live.

    For your current project and your future projects, there’s only one name to know: Blue Eagle.

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