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For easier access to medical records in the Digital Age

Time is everything in today’s world. That’s why the speed at which we exchange information is constantly increasing. And with seamless EHR integration, you can take this process to a whole new level.

EHR integration services can help you utilize healthcare technology to refine your organization’s clinical workflow and interface and improve the quality of medical care. Operating at a high level of efficiency is essential in the contemporary healthcare industry.

Ditch aging infrastructure. Both your staff and patients will thank you. A great way to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction is by having all the information in one place, easily accessible with a few clicks.
Gone are the days of shuffling papers around, test results going missing, and broken patient-doctor communication. EHR integration fixes all those problems. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more about it.

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What is EHR integration?

Electronic health records (or electronic medical records) integration allows seamless access to a patient’s medical records across various software solutions. This makes it easier for different healthcare providers to access a patient’s medical records and to keep things consistent.

EHR integration increases efficiency by removing unnecessary leg work and keeping all the information in one place. This directly translates into faster diagnoses and streamlined treatments.

On the patient side, EHR integration allows the entering of personal, and demographic information. Hence, onboarding becomes more accessible, faster, and more effective. It’s an excellent solution across the board—saving time, improving workflow, and increasing patient satisfaction.

What kinds of challenges does EHR integration face?

Connecting digital health products to provider systems is fundamental to delivering a high level of patient care. Yet the industry hasn’t exactly made it easy to integrate EHR and improve healthcare technology.

Healthcare providers are often running dozens of different clinical systems with a variety of protocols. As a result, EHR integration can become a tangled mess of patchwork solutions that hardly provide a seamless experience with data interoperability.

This issue is exacerbated if you’re transitioning from a paper-based system. Data needs to be migrated, which requires planning and additional resources. However, the efficiency you gain as a result is worth this temporary inconvenience.

Finally, there’s the cost to consider. EMR integration is a major investment that most healthcare organizations wouldn’t make lightly. Especially if there’s no safeguard against a system failure or lack of adoption.

We put an end to all that. Don’t wait to streamline workflow for your providers and healthcare staff. Join the growing group of Blue Eagle clients who have enlisted the support of our integration services and gotten it right—the first time.

Why do you need seamless EHR integration?

Electronic health records serve the role of a comprehensive structured data repository. However, they lack the functionality to make critical and time-sensitive elements of that data actionable.

For healthcare professionals, this means a potential problem when trying to access patient data to make a time-sensitive decision. And sometimes, patient safety depends heavily on the timeframe in which these decisions are made.

EHR integration puts the patient at the forefront. All the organizational improvements that result from the integration benefit the patient, not just the healthcare provider. And those benefits are not trivial.

Scheduling time-sensitive procedures become much more manageable when comprehensive patient data is readily available. Streamlining the diagnostic and treatment processes can be life-saving for some patients.

Electronic medical records integration also allows incredible flexibility. A patient’s medical record is no more than a few clicks away from their doctor at any given moment. Visiting a new general practitioner or a specialist becomes much simpler.

EMR integration enables more complete and consolidated patient data. This tremendously benefits patients with chronic conditions or who need frequent medical visits. These technologies are moving practices and treatments forward.

But that’s not all. Healthcare professionals can take advantage of the streamlined workflow and actionable insights with EHR integration. Once the system is up and running, if your organization has the resources, you can take things to the next level and use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analysis.

Benefits of choosing Blue Eagle Consulting’s EHR integration service

While the benefits of this functionality are pretty obvious, it isn’t always easy for healthcare organizations to make the jump. We’re here to remove all hurdles and turn the jump into a smooth transition.

Staff adoption is one of the major setbacks regarding EHR integration. This is a common issue we’re capable of addressing because our consultants are not only software experts, but also experienced clinicians. It’s much easier to put ourselves into the shoes of other healthcare providers because we’ve been there.

Our electronic health record integration service will get your staff up to speed and using the new healthcare technology as quickly as possible. They’ll be using the system to its full potential in no time.

Why are we so confident we can help you? Because we’ve done it before. A lot. We’ve been on the market for nearly two decades and we’ve achieved a 96% success rate with hundreds of clients. We know what we’re doing. If you’re looking for results, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Custom Data Import/Exports

    Our team can still facilitate the transition of your data import/export with custom Data Migration Services. Contact us today and find out how we can help with your data structure.

  • API/FHIR Integration

    Our team can help your healthcare platforms communicate and share data across facilities in a manner that each platform can understand. We can help you manage protected health information (PHI) data at scale. Rapidly exchange data and run new applications with APIs for health data standards including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

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