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Managed IT services for healthcare providers

We care for your IT systems so you can care for your patients.

The world is more interconnected than ever before. Wearable technologies monitor our heart rate, measure our temperature, track our sleep, and communicate with each other.

There’s more data available than ever before, which also includes patient data. The healthcare industry is quickly moving into the future where technology is an integral part of patient outcomes. But as the technology landscape changes so rapidly, it’s not always easy to keep up.

Enter Blue Eagle Consulting managed IT service solutions for both Payer and Provider. We help healthcare providers focus on their patients while we handle the technology side of things. Our experienced consultants work with key people within the organization to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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What are managed IT services in healthcare?

Organizations are under constant pressure to update their approach to healthcare. Patient expectations and regulatory requirements move the needle on IT systems and development faster than ever before. And while these changes result in more efficiency, streamlined workflows, and better patient outcomes, they come at a cost.

Healthcare organizations don’t always have the internal resources to implement these new systems and meet patient experience requirements. This is where managed services come in to even the scales.

Managed IT service providers help healthcare organizations update their IT infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, integrate patient data, and improve revenue cycle management, all the while cutting costs and helping to move the needle on business goals.

Instead of always relying on the frequently understaffed and overworked in-house IT team, organizations can bring in outside consultants to lend a hand when needed. It’s an efficient use of resources while also bringing excellent results.

What do managed IT services include?

Healthcare-managed services include a wide range of problem-solving for organizations. You can count on us for anything from software optimization to electronic health records integration and data security.

But getting your new technology up and running is just half the battle. The real win comes when you implement a plan to ensure your operations stay streamlined for the long haul. 

Our specialists have experience with the latest products from major brands like Epic, Cerner, Meditech, NEXTGEN, eClinicalWorks, Athena Health, Facets, QNXT, and many more. Their strategic guidance can help you avoid problems before they affect your operations, saving you time and money in the process. 

Managed healthcare IT services aren’t just about new healthcare applications and solutions, though. Sometimes leadership, legislation, or other organizational changes require that you improve systems monitoring. 

Workflows, revenue cycle, and supply chain management, as well as other day-to-day operations, may need to be more dialed in. Our healthcare technology optimization consultants are here to get you over those hurdles and make your enterprise and your team more efficient.

Why do you need it?

Whether you’re one of the titans in the healthcare sector or a small organization responsible for the patient care and well-being of your local community, you can benefit from managed services.

Bringing in outside help is a great way to supplement your in-house team. Instead of wasting time and money training your staff to do specific tasks, having a specialist lend you a hand is much more efficient.

This arrangement improves overall efficiency. It allows your staff to focus on other day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives that require their attention. The result is fewer redundancies and fewer wasted internal resources, which saves you money.

IT training can be expensive, especially if you need to train your team in every little thing. Even experienced teams can struggle with specific functionality. Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective to involve a consultant for specific tasks.

Finally, the reliability of managed services is unparalleled. Even if you train people in-house, certain aspects of these technologies require a unique understanding of both the medical field and the software. You need to rely on someone who has spent years doing both. Like our consultants.

What are the benefits of using Blue Eagle Consulting

Combining business, medical, and IT experience, our consultants can fill any gap within your organization in a unique way. They know the ins and outs of the software, but also the potential pitfalls you’re facing. Because of this, we can often fix problems before they become disasters.

But even disasters can sometimes be fixed. When working with a new client, we’re always looking for ways to improve data backups and disaster recovery to ensure your data and organization are safe and HIPAA compliant.

Over nearly two decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, big and small. We’ve solved all kinds of problems, and we’ve had a 96% success rate (yes, we’re keeping score). We’re confident we can solve (almost) any issue you throw at us.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Legacy Support

    One of our specialties is supporting legacy systems and other healthcare software before, during, and after a major migration to the new software. If you have an older system and need help accessing or translating your data, retrieving reports, or other more specific tasks, you can count on us.

  • Utilization Management

    Blue Eagle provides the consulting resources necessary to ensure the success of your utilization management project. We can help at any stage of your UM project, from planning and strategy to training support. Our consultants have years of experience in aspects of new implementations, optimizations, and conversions.

    We have the special expertise to get the job done right and provide a seamless process. Our specific experience includes:

    • Prior Authorization Review
    • Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC)
    • ICD-10 mapping
    • QA Audits/IRR
    • Utilization Review
    • Process Improvement
    • Grievance and Appeals
    • Auth. Chex and Resolution
    • System Configuration and Optimization
    • Updates to billing, coding, and utilization
    • Business Rules, Requirements, and Documentation
    • Case Management and Disease Management
    • Staff training and nursing processes
    • Clinical Chart Review
    • Supplemental Staff for backlogs

    We work with every individual client to provide consultants with the experience and knowledge that best match the specific needs of the project. We take care of the “heavy lifting” to ensure the successful implementation and use of systems. Our consultants also impart critical software knowledge to a client’s key employees—so that after the successful completion of a project, those employees have the essential skills that establish them as “super users”.

  • Chart Review/HEDIS/HCC Coding

    Blue Eagle’s chart review/HEDIS nurses review a patient’s medical records to determine if the quality-of-care measures have been met. Medical chart reviews are also the data source used by the NCQA to determine any incentives or financial rewards for health plans. We also staff coders proficient in high-risk-adjustment models used to estimate future health care costs for patients.

  • Help Desk

    Blue Eagle’s Help Desk Staff Augmentation is more than a remote support staffing model. It is an integrated team focused on support. We leverage cross-client knowledge to provide you with best practices that result in reliable, quality, but still cost-effective support. We’re based all over the US and bring varying levels of experience that work together to meet your system and support needs.

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