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Blue Eagle Consulting Healthcare IT offers industry-rated training services to assist organizations with bringing their systems live, and ensuring users are fully trained and supported throughout the project. End-users will only be as good as their training, and training an entire organization for a go-live, or post-go-live, can be a daunting task. 

The very first day of using a new system is when an end-user’s knowledge is put to the test.   Our training service is fully managed and designed to align with your needs through the entire implementation process: go-live, steady-state, legacy support, and optimization. And because we support all the major EHR and ERP systems, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, and more, we’re sure to be able to match you with a consultant and training program that fits your needs.


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Why Choose Blue Eagle for Training and Activation Services?

There are a lot of consulting companies out there that all do the same thing: manage go-lives for hospitals and healthcare organizations. At Blue Eagle, we do things differently, and our methodologies are unique. That starts with matching you with a consultant whose skillset fits your training needs so they can be as engaged as possible and you can get the most value out of their presence. We send a consultant where they and the client can be the most successful.

Our Super-User program is also unique to Blue Eagle, as most consulting companies don’t view it as we do. When each department has someone they can recognize and trust for guidance, it helps keep operations running.

What Are the Key Elements of a Strong Training Program?

We ensure you’ll experience a smooth transition to your new platform with the right leadership managing your training program. A seasoned contract Training Manager is a must-have in order to do this. There are also some key elements of a strong Training Program that we always implement:

  1. Thorough Site/End-User Survey
  2. Trainer Selection
  3. Content Development, LMS, and Train Domain Management
  4. Super User Training
  5. Training Delivery Methods
  6. Classroom Engagement 
  7. Ongoing EHR Training and Go-Live

From Training to Go-Live

We’re passionate about training at Blue Eagle, so we do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of it with your consult. That starts with knowing your project needs so we can match you with a consultant from the same, or a similar, background. From there, we can design, implement, and manage your training program for go-live. Matching you with a consultant from the same background enables them to already have an idea of the problems you and your staff are dealing with and easier adapt to what the hospital-specific nuances of your system will be.

Consultants are often training for weeks, onsite or virtually, and become immersed in your organization’s culture to get to know the people they’re training. This serves a dual purpose to familiarize staff with them and increase their comfortability during go-live. The most successful go-live plans use the trainers as team leaders for ATE (at-the-elbow) support resources during the process.

Get Ready for Activation with BEC

Our consultants work with organizational leadership to manage training, validate classroom needs and utilization, coordinate clinician training to promote course completion, and ensure that your team is ready for activation. Our professional, application-specific clinical and non-clinical trainers and instructional designers ensure that your staff receives the highest caliber training.

With our resources, your staff is attentively guided through the organizational transformation with trainers, at-the-elbow support, and additional hands-on mentoring in the weeks following activation. Our goal is to do everything right for your organization, allowing your staff to enhance safe patient care and the family experience. This means providing the right number of people with the right skill sets for the right amount of time, either on-site or virtually.

Benefits of Training and Activation with Blue Eagle?

At Blue Eagle, we like to say that your success is our success. That’s why our 96% renewal rate holds so much weight. Our clients are consistently satisfied with their experience with us. We take the role our consultants play in the success of your organization very seriously, which is why we only hire the best of the best.

Our consultant requirements ensure you’re only advised by a highly skilled professional who has experienced the same, or similar, circumstances countless times and knows the solution. You don’t have to worry about wasted downtime on training because they’ve been there before. Delivering success is what we do, and we’d love to do the same for you.

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Areas of Expertise

  • The Super User Methodology

    Throughout the training process, consultants and super-users will work closely together. Since the super-user will be there long after the trainer is gone, it’s helpful for them to sit in on training sessions to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to new employees. BEC takes every opportunity to ensure your team is ready to take on the challenges of go-live, improve the workflow of their everyday responsibilities, and give them the tools to improve patient care quality, comfort, and satisfaction.

  • Training Approach (Pre or Post-Go-Live)

    Whether your BEC trainer is virtual or on-site, you can trust that you’ll still receive the highest level of training to prepare your team for go-live. Success takes time and preparation. Like taking the time to make sure every position in your organization is mapped to particular classes—from patient care classes to front-desk duty. We’ve bridged the training gap to prevent catastrophic accidents, large revenue losses, and patient care safety issues and stay on schedule.

    To bridge this gap, BEC involves the necessary team members in all training classes as a method to help train the trainers, provide a connection between trainers and hospital employees, and answer any organization-specific questions. This can be done onsite, virtually with the train the trainer approach, informal or formal classroom setting, one-on-one, etc.

  • Activation/Go-Live Support

    Whether you choose a phased roll-out or big-bang approach for your go-live, your staff will have your consultant’s full support throughout the entire process and beyond. Using trainers as team leaders for ATE (at-the-elbow) support resources during go-live is a primary method to ensure success. Another is physician adoption. Give stakeholders input as early as the selection process to set a positive tone for the entire organization. If you have their support, those under their leadership will follow.

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