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Allscripts Consulting Services at Blue Eagle

At Blue Eagle, we understand you need more than just healthcare software solutions. You need experienced consultants to help you implement Allscripts, also known as Veradigm, solutions and maintain your healthcare organization. We are your trusted partner in implementing and migrating revenue cycle management services, electronic health records, and more. Our consultants offer decades of industry experience and in-depth knowledge to support your organization in IT software and everyday operations.

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Why Choose Blue Eagle Consulting Services

When you partner with Blue Eagle, we will provide a dedicated consultant to assist in implementing, optimizing, integrating, and training Allscripts software. Blue Eagle Consulting offers Allscripts professionals with senior-level knowledge and experience in healthcare organization operations, business strategies, and software. Our Allscripts consultants have extensive knowledge of the everyday challenges facing healthcare organizations and will be there to help you through every step of the process.

Blue Eagle Consulting services cover any phase of your project. We offer support from implementation through post-go-live. Our Allscripts consultants will help you through the entire suite of Allscripts applications in both Inpatient and Ambulatory services. We are here to find the right sources to meet your organization’s needs and ensure the long-term success of your healthcare facility.

Blue Eagle Allscripts Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive services flexible to meet your organization’s needs. Read more about our Areas of Expertise in the sections below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Blue Eagle’s Core Consultancy Services?

    We provide a full suite of Allscripts consulting services concerning. We cover:

    • Workflows & Optimization
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management
    • Training
    • Reporting
    • Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • System Migration/Conversion
    • Legacy Support
    • Activation/ATE Support
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping

    Need additional support not listed? Contact us today.

  • What Allscripts Modules Does Blue Eagle Support?
    • Allscripts TouchWorks™
    • Allscripts Professional™
    • Practice Management – PM™
    • Allscripts Prenatal™
    • Allscripts Clinical Quality Solution (CQS)
    • Allscripts ePrescribe™
    • Allscripts Sunrise™
    • Clinical Performance Management (formerly Sunrise Clinical Analytics™)
    • Allscripts CareInMotion™
    • Allscripts Homecare™
    • Allscripts® Referral Management
    • Allscripts Payerpath™
  • Can I Hire Blue Eagle For Troubleshooting Solutions?

    We are here to support your team in any way we can. From day-to-day management to technical issues, and software migration, we can provide managed services to assist with any task. We also provide consulting for organizations that want to use in-house solutions for their troubleshooting project.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Allscripts Implementation

    At Blue Eagle, we strive to be a trusted resource in the healthcare industry for the implementation of software solutions and support services. When your organization decides to implement Allscripts, our consultants will be there to ensure the smooth implementation of the software while maintaining the security of electronic health record (EHR) files. Our consulting services also provide project management to provide clear roles for each member of your team who will become Allscripts users. Additionally, our Allscripts consulting services will help your team determine long-term goals, individual tasks, timelines, and deadlines.

  • Allscripts Optimization

    Blue Eagle is here to help you make the most of your Allscripts software. No matter how long you have been using Allscripts, our consultants will optimize it to ensure increased efficiency and productivity. Blue Eagle Allscripts consultants bring years of hands-on experience with the software and can help your organization achieve maximum optimization. This can include streamlined tasks to save time and energy, implementation of telehealth services across departments, identification of high-risk patients, continual support for clinical and ancillary staff, and much more.

  • Allscripts Migration

    Whether you are converting to Allscripts, or away from Allscripts, working with a new software system can be overwhelming. However, with Blue Eagle, you can rest assured knowing our experienced consultants will be there to ensure a smooth transition. Our consultants can adapt to the unique processes of your healthcare facility and address any needs or challenges. The migration process with a Blue Eagle consultant can include mapping data elements from your current system to the Allscripts software, implementing processes to ensure data integrity, and testing the migrated data for accuracy, and support and training throughout the migration process.

  • Allscripts Data Analysis

    Allscripts offers extensive access to data, including medical, operational, and financial reports. We understand that these reports can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to comprehend. Blue Eagle Allscripts consultants will help you and your team use these metrics to compare with data benchmarks and identify areas of opportunity to improve your healthcare facility’s clinical, financial, and operational processes.

  • Allscripts Training and Activation

    Training is an essential step in ensuring a successful go-live phase. We will work with your clinical, ancillary, and administrative staff to help them learn the software and how they will use it in their daily responsibilities. Our process begins with gradually introducing the software and progresses through training courses specifically designed to improve the confidence and proficiency of your staff in using the Allscripts EHR software. Blue Eagle consultants will work with your staff to ensure competence in software knowledge, a successful go-live phase, and a continual increase in productivity while using Allscripts.

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We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition as you implement Allscripts into your daily operations. We only hire consultants that offer extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry, leading business practices, and healthcare technology. No matter the need, Blue Eagle consultants are here for you.

We offer two decades of delivering success to healthcare clients, providing senior-level Allscripts consulting and go-live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise.

Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for your organization.

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