Available Consultants


Whether you’re implementing AMISYS Advance, upgrading an existing system, or optimizing performance and intelligence from your current installation, Blue Eagle Consulting can deliver the AMISYS consulting resources you need to get the job done.

Our network of seasoned consultants understand the business process and objectives as well as the technology behind them. Many have 10-20 years of in the field experience along with 5-7 years of work with a specific technology or module. When you need a ‘heavy lift’ for your project that goes beyond a simple technical resource, call Blue Eagle Consulting.


Why Blue Eagle Consulting?

When it comes to best practices in the healthcare industry, implementation of software solutions, and expertise about support services, Blue Eagle is your trusted partner. We provide you with a consultant who has in-depth knowledge about exactly what you need.

The main reason our consulting is so successful is that we hire the best of the best for whatever you need. Our consultants have expertise in Amisys—you name it. 

We’ve been delivering success to healthcare clients for 16 years, providing senior-level Allscripts consulting and go live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Core Consulting Services

    Configuration & Scheduling
    Custom Reporting
    Agent & Broker Management
    Utilization & Medical Management
    Claims Specialists
    Pricing Configuration
    Training & Support
    Go-live Support

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