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AMISYS Consulting Services at Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle consultants are standing by, ready to provide comprehensive AMISYS Advance support tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Whether your organization is implementing the AMISYS Advance software, optimizing processes, or conducting training for your staff, Blue Eagle consultants can help you get the job done. Our consultants bring decades of hands-on experience and senior-level expertise in healthcare operations, business solutions, and project management. Our carefully constructed network of consultants deeply understands the challenges facing healthcare organizations and the full suite of AMISYS Advance modules. Our focus lies in delivering personalized support to ensure your team has all the necessary tools and resources to make the most of this software.


Why Choose Blue Eagle?

When you partner with Blue Eagle, you can trust that our consultants will work closely with your team to ensure a seamless integration of the AMISYS Advance technologies. We offer highly experienced consultants with the knowledge to help your organization fully utilize AMISYS Advance systems, including claims processing, data analysis, and business development. Our consultants will walk you through each stage of your project, starting with initial implementation and throughout the go-live stage, and we will even provide support during the post-go-live phase. We aim to help your organization overcome any current challenges and are committed to providing you with the tools and resources to ensure the efficient use of the AMISYS Advance systems.

Blue Eagle AMISYS Advance Consulting Services

Blue Eagle’s services cover a wide range of applications and can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific organization. Learn more about our expertise in the following sections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Blue Eagle’s Core Consultancy Services?
    • Workflows & Optimizations
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management
    • Training
    • Reporting & Development
    • Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • Legacy Support
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping
    • Utilization Management & Case Management Staff Augmentation
    • Chart Review
    • Coding Support (HCC and more)
  • What AMISYS Advance Modules Does Blue Eagle Support?
    • AMISYS AdvanceĀ 
    • Claims
    • Consumer Web Portal
    • EDI
    • Case Management
    • Contracts, Benefits, Membership, Enrollment, GL
  • Can I Hire Blue Eagle For Troubleshooting Solutions?

    At Blue Eagle, we take pride in offering a diverse range of services that can be customized to align with your organization’s specific needs seamlessly. Whether you need assistance overseeing day-to-day activities, tackling technical hurdles, or facilitating a complex software migration, our team of consultants is well-equipped with the expertise to bring these goals to life. As your trusted partner, we are fully committed to addressing any challenge, ensuring seamless operations, and laying the groundwork for your organization’s continued growth in the years ahead.

Areas of Expertise

  • AMISYS Advance Implementation

    When implementing software like AMISYS Advance, partnering with a Blue Eagle consultant can make all the difference. Our experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in successfully implementing AMISYS solutions for healthcare organizations across the country. From the initial assessment to post-implementation support, our team collaborates closely with your team to ensure a seamless transition. Our consultants understand the intricacies of AMISYS and work hand-in-hand with your staff to optimize workflows, address challenges, and maximize the system’s capabilities. With a focus on tailored solutions and a commitment to excellence, our consultants guide you through every phase of the AMISYS implementation journey, ensuring that your organization can utilize the full benefits of this advanced healthcare project management system.

  • AMISYS Advance Optimization & Configuration

    During optimization, your Blue Eagle consultant will work to maximize your team’s use of the AMISYS software, increase efficiency, streamline processes, and improve overall performance. We will work with your organization to carefully evaluate workflows, processes, and data analysis. With this information, our consultants will make adjustments to these practices and create custom configurations within AMISYS to ensure your team can correctly and efficiently use the software. By tailoring the system to the specific needs of your healthcare organization, optimizing workflows, and ensuring seamless integration, our consultants work to ensure your organization is using AMISYS to its fullest potential and staying up to date with current technologies within the healthcare industry.

  • AMISYS Advance Migration

    Migration with a Blue Eagle consultant ensures a seamless transition of your operations to the AMISYS software platform. Our consultants will leverage their extensive knowledge of the software to conduct meticulous data mapping, system compatibility checks, and rigorous testing to ensure there are no complications during this process. We take special care to maintain data integrity and minimize disruptions to your team. Throughout the migration process, we aim to create efficient use of the software while improving operations and providing your team with tools and resources to deliver exceptional healthcare services.

  • AMISYS Advance Data Analysis

    AMISYS Advance is a sophisticated software solution designed to empower businesses and organizations with powerful insights from extensive data offerings. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, our experts will utilize this wealth of data to uncover trends, inefficiencies, and correlations within the data to help your organization make strategic business decisions and develop strategies to ensure continued growth. Our consultants will help your team understand and gain confidence in using the user-friendly AMISYS interface to harness the full potential of this data to drive innovation and optimize performance.

  • AMISYS Advance Training & Activation

    Training with a Blue Eagle consultant ensures your team has the knowledge and resources to use the AMISYS Advance software in daily operations. Through personalized training sessions, interactive modules, and expert-led discussions, your team will gain a deep understanding of the software’s functionalities, from data analysis and project management to utilizing advanced scheduling tools. Your Blue Eagle consultant will work to ensure that your team can not only navigate the software effectively but also learn to apply its capabilities to real-world scenarios.

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Harnessing the full potential of the AMISYS Advance software could be the key to taking your healthcare organization to the next level. Here at Blue Eagle, we aim to deliver exceptional consulting services and continued support throughout your entire project. With more than two decades of experience collaborating with healthcare organizations like yours, we proudly offer a proven track record of client success. When you partner with Blue Eagle, we are fully committed to serving your team and creating a tailored strategy for success. Contact a Blue Eagle consultant to get started today.

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