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Cloud-based services like athenahealth are a fantastic option for large physician practices that want to minimize IT infrastructure requirements and overhead. They can still take some time and special expertise to implement and properly configure. Our athenahealth consulting practice can help ease the burden of a large-scale HIT project

Blue Eagle Consulting provides Athena Health clients with the resources necessary to handle all of your implementation or optimization needs, whether you need help with clinical, technical, or revenue cycle. Our consultants have years of operational experience with athenaClinicals®, athenaCollector®, athenaCommunicator®, and athenaCoordinator®. Many also have experience as RNs and physicians. Our Athena Health consultants are more than just software experts, they understand the critical issues your practice is facing, and the business objectives you are trying to attain.

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Why Blue Eagle Consulting?

When it comes to best practices in the healthcare industry, implementation of software solutions, and expertise about support services, Blue Eagle is your trusted partner. We provide you with a consultant who has in-depth knowledge about exactly what you need.

The main reason our consulting is so successful is that we hire the best of the best for whatever you need. Our consultants have expertise in Amisys—you name it. 

We’ve been delivering success to healthcare clients for over 2 decades, providing senior level athena consulting and go live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise. 

Call Blue Eagle Consulting today or fill out the form for a consultation on your project’s requirements. We deliver ‘A-list’ consultants that have skills tailored for your needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core Consulting Services

    Workflows & Optimizations
    Build & Configuration
    Implementations & Upgrades
    Project Management
    Reporting & Data Warehousing
    Legacy Support

  • Supported Applications & Modules


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