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When it comes to managing a healthcare organization, you need more than just software solutions. You need experts to help you make the most of your software and ensure the success of your entire team. At Blue Eagle, we will work with you to implement Athenahealth software, minimize IT infrastructure, and optimize and enhance performance throughout your healthcare organization.

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Why Choose Blue Eagle Consulting Services

Working with Blue Eagle means you will have access to a designated athenahealth consultant who will work with you to identify any implementation and optimization needs, including clinical, technical, or revenue cycle needs. Our consultants offer extensive operational experience in athenaOne, athenaClinicals®, athenaNet, athenaCollector®, athenaCommunicator®, and athenaCoordinator®. Our athenahealth consultants strive to be more than software experts but also someone who understands the critical issues your organization faces and the business objectives you seek to achieve. No matter the need, Blue Eagle will find the right sources to meet your organization’s needs and ensure the long-term success of your healthcare facility.

Blue Eagle athenahealth Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive services flexible to meet your organization’s needs. Read more about our Areas of Expertise in the sections below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Blue Eagle’s Core Consultancy Services?

    We provide a full suite of athenahealth consulting services concerning. We cover:

    • Workflows & Optimizations
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management
    • Training
    • Reporting & Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • Conversion/System Migration
    • Legacy Support
    • Activation/ATE Support
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping

    Need additional support not listed? Contact us today.

  • What athenahealth Modules Does Blue Eagle Support?
    • athenaOne
    • athenaClinicals®
    • athenaNet
    • athenaCollector®
    • athenaCommunicator®
    • athenaCoordinator®
  • Can I Hire Blue Eagle For Troubleshooting Solutions?

    Blue Eagle is dedicated to supporting your team in any way we can. We are here to help with any task, from day-to-day management to technical issues, and software migration. Additionally, we can provide consulting for organizations that want to use in-house solutions for troubleshooting projects.

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Areas of Expertise

  • athenahealth Implementation

    Blue Eagle is your trusted partner for implementing new software solutions. athenahealth consultants will work with your team to identify areas of opportunity to make the most of the software. We will work with your team to ensure a smooth implementation of the software without disrupting daily operations or productivity. Additionally, we will pull in team members across all departments to ensure a clear understanding of roles, users, and functionality of the software.

  • athenahealth Optimization

    Whether your team has been using athenahealth products for years or your office is in the beginning stages of implementing the software, Blue Eagle consultants will dedicate their efforts to ensuring you are making the most of the athenahealth software. Our consultants will identify areas where automated services will increase productivity and streamline administrative tasks. Consultants can also work with individual members of your team to ensure a fundamental understanding of the software to enhance performance and prevent misuse or mistakes when using the software.

  • athenahealth Migration

    Successful migration is critical to the long-term success of utilizing athenahealth products in your medical practice. That’s why our Blue Eagle consultants will work with your team through every step. Whether converting from paper or electronic systems, athenahealth migration can include mapping data elements from your current system to the athenahealth software, implementing processes to ensure data integrity, testing the migrated data for accuracy, and more. Blue Eagle consultants will adapt to the unique processes of your team and build a migration plan to ensure a smooth transition and proper use of the software.

  • athenahealth Data Analysis

    athenahealth software offers extensive reporting in scheduling, charting, billing, technical assessments, and workflow assessments. We will work with your team to use this data to improve performance and compare your facility with industry data benchmarks to identify areas of strength or opportunity. We understand that data analysis can seem like a daunting task, but our consultants will work with you to use this data to improve your healthcare organization.

  • athenahealth Training

    We understand that learning new software can feel overwhelming. However, your team can rest assured that our Blue Eagle consultants are dedicated to ensuring the success of your organization. We will work with your team to introduce the software, complete training in the athenaNet e-learning portal, and gain experience in hands-on use of the software. We aim to increase confidence in using the software and ensure your team has the tools to integrate athenahealth successfully into their daily operations.

Learn More About athenahealth Consulting Services

At Blue Eagle, we prioritize providing senior-level athenahealth consulting and go-live support professionals with significant operational experience and software expertise. Our athenahealth consulting practice is successful because we only hire consultants we can trust to get the job done, no matter the challenges. We have been delivering success to healthcare clients for more than two decades, and we can deliver success for your healthcare organization too.

Contact Blue Eagle Consulting today or fill out the form for a consultation on your project’s requirements. We deliver quality athenahealth consultants that bring the right skills to meet the needs of your team.

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