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At Blue Eagle Consulting, we offer practical solutions to handle the various challenges of healthcare I.T and practice management. We specialize in eClinicalWorks consulting services, providing our clients with consultants who are well versed in business operations and system analytics, working alongside various practices and implementing software solutions for optimized data analysis, organization and patient engagement.

Our work covers every phase of a project, from implementation to post go-live support. Whatever your requirements, our eClinicalWorks consultants will use their wealth of experience to solve your operations challenges.

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Why Blue Eagle Consulting

When it comes to best practices in the healthcare industry, implementation of software solutions, and expertise in support services, Blue Eagle is your trusted partner. We will provide you with a consultant who will supply you with in-depth knowledge for an eClinicalWorks EHR that meets all of your requirements.

The main reason our consulting is so successful is that we develop our solutions around our client’s needs and issues. EHRs can be complex, so we help to remove the complications and supply you with the data and functions that you need in your eClinicalWorks software.

We’ve been successfully delivering our expertise to healthcare clients for 2 decades, providing senior-level eClinicalWorks consulting and go-live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise on all versions.

eClinicalWorks consultants at Blue Eagle

One of the reasons eClinicalWorks has become such a popular tool for healthcare practices across the country is because of its client-friendly functions and ease of use. So you might be thinking: Why would you need a consulting service?

At Blue Eagle, this is an easy question to answer. We offer eClinicalWorks support throughout every stage, from implementation to post-live support. Below are some of the ways a Blue Eagle consultant can help you and your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is eClinicalWorks the same as Epic?

    No. They are quite different platforms. eClinicalWorks is more accessible, even for smaller customers, and is easier to use. Learn more about Epic here.

  • Is eClinicalWorks cloud-based?


  • What eCW Applications do you support?
    • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
    • Populations Health (CCMR)
    • eBO View ™
    • eClinicalTouch
    • Patient Portal
    • Registry Reporting
    • Practice Management (PM)
    • eClinicalMessenger
    • ePrescribing & Forimulary Check
    • Healow
    • eClinicalWorksMobile
    • Referral & Document Management
    • eClinicalWorks P2P
    • Dental
    • and More….
  • What does your core consultancy services include?

    We provide a full suite of consulting services concerning eClinicalWorks (eCW). No matter the size of the project, you can contact us anytime. From small medical practices to large health systems, including FQHCs, we cover:

    • Workflows & Optimizations
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management Solutions
    • Training
    • Reporting & Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • Managed Services
    • Legacy Support
    • Activation/ATE Support
    • PM/Team Leaders
    • Revenue Cycle Analysis
    • QA/Testing
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping

    Need additional support not listed? Contact us today.

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Areas of Expertise

  • eClinicalWork Implementation

    At Blue Eagle, we work alongside both existing and new practices in the proper implementation of eClinicalWorks EHR. We can help train physicians and staff to use the EHR efficiently and set it up to ensure optimized workflows. You’ll be able to see firsthand how the EHR can positively impact administrative costs and patient engagement.

  • eClinicalWorks Optimization

    Whether you have newly implemented eCW or have been using it for decades, Blue Eagle can optimize it for more efficiency, ultimately increasing your organization’s bottom line.

    Our consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of the software around Clinicals, Collections, Front-Desk, Provider support and more. Optimization can take different forms which we can tailor specific to your needs.

  • eClinicalWork Data Analysis & Security

    We don’t expect physicians and hospital staff to be expert data analysts. Our consultants will be able to pore over data from the eClinicalWork EHR and make it actionable, like finding trends in chronic illnesses in particular demographics and patients. They can also assist in training your staff in extracting data, identifying trends, and creating useful data visualization.

    Ensuring that you comply with basic privacy laws and other government regulations is a must for any healthcare practice. For perceived security threats, a consultant will be able to carry out a security audit, where they will look for loopholes or gaps in the system that are ripe for exploitation. The harder your network is to breach, the less likely you are to pay huge fines relating to data breaches.

  • eClinicalWork Data migration

    If you’re looking to move practice and patient data onto your new eClinicalWorks EHR from an existing database, having a consultation is a must. A migration project will need proper planning and support in the event that any issues arise and a consultant will ensure that the project runs smoothly.

  • eClinicalWorks Training and Activation

    Training is a vital phase at any point, but prior to go-live it is so much more. Our trainers can assist with tip sheets, curriculum development, train-the-trainer approach to ensure a smooth go-live.

    Our activation support team for eCW can provide virtual or onsite support to your functional departments with your workflows top of mind.

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