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Epic IT Software Consulting Services

Studies suggest Epic software is the most widely used EHR software in the hospital market. Although it is highly functional, its plethora of features and steep learning curve make it hard to implement and optimize. To solve this issue, Blue Eagle offers nationwide Epic consulting solutions. We help you seamlessly deploy EHR without disrupting your hospital’s workflow.

Our Epic consultants have over seven years of hands-on experience with Epic implementation and organization. They are also highly skilled in software and business operations. Our experience ultimately helps us deliver ROI to our clients soon after we start working with them.

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Why Work With Blue Eagle Consulting?

We have been working in the healthcare industry for the past 16 years. It has put us highly in tune with the needs of the hospitals. We are in the position to optimize your processes of patient care, and patient experience. We will also optimize emergency operations, patient flow, project management, billing, finances, medical record management, and other core operations.

Our recruitment of consultants is highly selective. We can help migrate your old EHR or EMR software to Epic or set it up for you from scratch.

Epic Consulting Services

We offer flexible consulting solutions. See the Areas of Expertise section below for a comprehensive list of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Epic easy to use?

    Epic is designed for ease of use by non-technical people. Your clinical and ancillary will find it easy to use after its implementation. We will train your staff on how to perform their roles efficiently in the EHR. Once they become acquainted with the software, productivity will increase over time.

  • What are your core consultancy services?

    We provide a full suite of Epic consulting services concerning Epic. No matter the size of the project, you can contact us anytime. We cover:

    • Workflows & Optimizations
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management Solutions
    • Training (CT and PT)
    • Reporting & Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • Managed Services
    • Legacy Support
    • Activation/ATE Support
    • PM/Team Leaders
    • Revenue Cycle Analysis
    • QA/Testing
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping

    Need additional support not listed? Contact us today.

  • What Epic Modules do you support?
    • HIM
    • Hyperspace
    • Identity
    • Kaleidoscope
    • MyChart
    • OpTime
    • Phoenix
    • Prelude
    • Radiant
    • Reporting Workbench
    • Resolute
    • Stork
    • Tapestry
    • Willow Ambulatory
    • Willow Inpatient
    • ADT
    • Anesthesia
    • ASAP
    • Beacon
    • Beaker
    • Bridges
    • Cadence
    • Cogito
    • Clarity
    • Cupid
    • Data Courier
    • EpicCare Ambulatory
    • EpicCare Inpatient
    • EpicCare Link
    • Haiku
  • Can I hire you for troubleshooting problems?

    You can reach out to us if you need any kind of support. Be it a day-to-day management problem, or a technical problem, we can provide managed services to assist you with any task, big or small. Our solutions address problems at their root cause. We also provide consulting for organizations that want to use in-house solutions for their troubleshooting project.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Epic Implementation

    Our consultants can plan a seamless implementation program across single and multiple-location hospitals. With staged action, we will ensure minimal disruption of your hospital’s workflow. We will sit down with your team to schedule and budget the whole process according to your convenience.

    Our consultants and subject matter experts know the risks of implementing new software. Thus, we set expectations and take all possible risk mitigation measures. Communication with our client’s team is crucial during the implementation process. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

    By suggesting substitutes for your hospital’s core data collection and management processes, we can virtually eliminate downtime for your hospital and help your hospital avoid discrepancies and missing data.

  • Epic Optimization

    Whether you have freshly implemented Epic or have been using it for decades, Blue Eagle can optimize it for more efficiency, ultimately increasing your hospital’s bottom line.

    Our consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of the software under the Epic umbrella. It took us years to achieve the level of excellence required to fine-tune Epic for maximum output – you can save all that valuable time by collaborating with us. Epic optimization can take different forms, such as:

    • Streamlining routine tasks so that your physicians get work done faster.
    • Allowing researchers to recruit participants quicker, conduct independent research, and conduct independent research.
    • Set up telehealth services across different departments.
    • Speed up patient payments, set up paperless billing, online bill-pay, and self-service payment plans.
    • Identify high-risk patients and close care gaps.
    • Providing support to clinical and ancillary staff for better project management.

    These solutions merely scratch the surface of what you can achieve with the Epic EHR. Less-than-perfect implementation means throwing resources away. Be it required by a change in policy or legislation or the decision of the board of directors to streamline processes further – we can optimize Epic and help your staff get up to speed with it.

  • Epic Migration

    Migrating to new software is far more challenging than implementing a new one from scratch. It stands true for any software. Our team will discuss your needs to understand your priorities. Then, we will assign you an Epic consultant with expertise in your legacy software. This step will make data conversion easier and keep it intact during migration.

    A staged process bound by a timeline will ensure the timely completion of the project with minimal disruption. Our managed services experts will also take full responsibility for keeping the data clean by avoiding the migration of duplicate and redundant data.

  • Epic Data Analysis

    Epic has an intuitive dashboard for analyzing medical, operational, and financial reports. Though Epic makes data analysis easy, hospital staff may lack the talent or time to put these analytic features to good use. If you are in such a position, you can take the help of our consultant to analyze the data and present it to you in a digestible format. We can compare the data to benchmarks based on the worldwide community to identify potential areas of improvement in your hospital’s clinical, financial, and operational processes.

  • Epic Go-Live

    Go-live is a crucial phase when the stakes are highest. We provide continuous support and watch over your shoulders as the implementation Epic launches into action.

    We will work with your IT administrators and end-users to help them gradually adapt to the new system. Our consultants follow the highest standards for the go-live phase to keep up the quality of patient care. We monitor the project closely as your admins and end-users access their roles and duties in the dashboard. Our support team will always be on standby to provide on-hand support to your clinical and ancillary staff.

    Depending on the size of your organization, we can take a phased or single-step approach. However, before taking any action, we will educate your stakeholders about the risks and benefits of both methods. Identifying problems and preventing their amplification is one of our primary goals. We will work with your internal team to ensure that each department performs optimally.

  • Epic Training

    Before the go-live phase, we can impart training to your clinical, ancillary, and administrative staff to increase their confidence in using Epic. Our training programs gradually introduce new software to the end-users without making it overwhelming. The custom-tailored courses account for the proficiency of your staff in using EHR software. One reason to work with Blue Eagle for training is that we prepare custom training modules and courses for our clients. This approach removes any unnecessary delay in implementation. We will also provide additional training if Epic upgrades or changes its applications in the future.

    Subject matter experts from our team will help different departments of your organization grasp the role-based use of EHR. An initial drop in productivity in the initial go-live phase is typical. But we will provide constant support to help your staff gradually adapt to Epic. With time, your staff will become efficient, and the ROI of Epic implementation will be visible.

  • Strategy Consulting

    We can create a custom EHR strategy for your medical organization that drives the EHR’s ROI to its extreme. We will monitor your post-go-live metrics and workflows and provide consulting for continuous improvement in the workflow.

    Our strategy will focus on your long-term goals to improve patient care quality and the organization’s financial health. We also consider federal guidelines while setting up Epic to maintain regulatory conformity. Using our foresight, we set you up for long-term success. You have the option to use our resources to put the strategy into action or use your in-house talent.

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