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Infor Lawson Consulting Services

At Blue Eagle, we understand the unique needs of organizations and acknowledge that they require comprehensive support beyond just software solutions. We offer a team of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of senior-level experience and extensive expertise in the full suite of Infor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. Our consultants specialize in healthcare IT projects and are fully equipped to help you maximize the advantages offered by Infor’s application system. Our dedicated Infor consultants will provide expert guidance to navigate everyday challenges and ensure your team has the knowledge and resources to effectively leverage Infor’s system to streamline your operations and achieve organizational goals.

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Focused Attention to Your Infor ERP Services

Each of your Infor Services has the power to improve running your business smoothly and professionally. Blue Eagle can help each of your Infor Services live up to its full potential with Infor Implementations, Infor Upgrades (including the 10x upgrade), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Optimizations. Our consultants are specifically equipped to help with your healthcare IT projects, so you can make the best use of Infor’s system of integrated applications.

Why Choose Blue Eagle Consulting Services?

Blue Eagle’s Infor Lawson consulting services bring you a team of experienced consultants with a senior-level background and over a decade of combined expertise in healthcare operations, business, and software. Our consultants possess deep insights into the challenges that health systems encounter daily and are well-prepared to assist your team throughout every phase of your Infor projects. We provide comprehensive support from initial implementation to the critical go-live phase and even post-go-live. Our primary goal is to empower your team with software knowledge and continuous improvement in your daily operations. With a focus on your long-term success, Blue Eagle consultants are committed to identifying the most suitable Infor solutions for your healthcare organization.

Blue Eagle Infor Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive services flexible to your needs. Read more about our Areas of Expertise in the sections below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Blue Eagle’s Core Consultancy Services?

    We provide a full suite of Infor platform consulting services, including,

    • Implementation Support and System Optimization
    • Upgrade Support
    • Project Management
    • Reporting
  • What Infor Lawson Modules Does Blue Eagle Support?
    • Infor Human Capital Management Services (HCM)
      • Infor Human Resource Management
      • Infor Workforce Management
      • Infor Talent and Acquisition Management
      • Enterprise Learning Management (Payroll, Benefits, and Time Accrual)
      • Time and Attendance
      • Payroll and Benefits
      • Absence Management
      • Manager and Employee Self Service
      • Candidate Gateway
    • Infor Supply Chain Management Services (SCM)
      • Requisitions
      • Distribution
      • Invoice Matching
      • EDI
      • Purchase Orders
      • Inventory Control
      • Mobile Supply Chain
      • Contract Management
      • Item Master
    • ERP Solutions
      • Human Resources
      • Financials and Procurement
      • Supply Chain and Distribution
      • Business Intelligence
      • Smart Office
      • E-recruiting
      • ProcessFlow
      • M3 Suite
      • PSA/SA
    • INFOR Enterprise Financial Management Services (EFM)
      • General and Strategic Ledger
      • Account Payable & Accounts Receivable
      • Accounts Payable (AP) Matching
      • Cash Management
      • Activity Management
      • Allocations
      • Financial Reporting
  • Can I Hire Blue Eagle for Troubleshooting Solutions?

    At Blue Eagle, our primary goal is to provide unwavering support to your team. Whether it’s day-to-day management, revenue cycle management, software migration, or any other task, we are here to assist you. Additionally, we offer expert consulting services for organizations seeking to implement in-house solutions for their troubleshooting projects.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Infor Upgrade Services

    The Lawson 9.0.1 to 10x upgrade process is the most complex and involved upgrade yet. Version 10x delivers significant advances in usability and functionality, allowing you to solve old problems in new ways. Collaboration and mobile capabilities are just a part of the new improvements. Blue Eagle can help ensure you and your business have the support you need.

  • Infor Professional and Support Services

    Healthcare Services (Mobile Supply Chain Management, Grant Management, Upgrades)

    Business Intelligence (LBI and IBI) and Custom Reporting Integration Services with Landmark, Configuration Console, IPA, LSF 10x, Infor Xi and Cloud, and more.

  • Infor Implementation Support

    Implementing Infor CloudSuite requires careful planning, configuration, data migration, and testing to ensure a smooth transition and successful software adoption. Through effective project management and coordination, implementation with a Blue Eagle Infor consultant aims to align the system with your organization’s unique requirements and business processes. Your consultant will set up the necessary modules, configure workflows, and establish integrations with other systems.

  • Infor Optimization

    Our consultants work to identify areas for improvement within your organization, such as streamlining processes, enhancing system utilization, and addressing pain points. This helps your organization optimize its use of Infor to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Through continuous monitoring, analysis, and refinement, your organization can unlock the system’s full potential, drive operational excellence, and effectively adapt to evolving business needs.

  • Infor Migration

    The migration process involves strategic planning, data mapping, extraction, transformation, and loading of data from your current system to Infor. It also includes configuring the new system to align with your organization’s requirements and business processes. Meticulous testing and data collection are crucial to ensure data integrity and system functionality post-migration. A successful Infor Lawson migration requires close collaboration among your internal teams and our seasoned consultants, who possess comprehensive expertise in the entire range of Infor Lawson systems. Working together, we will create a tailored migration strategy that addresses your unique needs, resulting in a seamless and efficient transition while maximizing the software’s utilization.

  • Infor Data Analysis

    Infor provides organizations with the tools to access, organize, and analyze vast amounts of data related to various aspects of their operations, such as financials, human resources, supply chain, and more. Our consultants will identify trends, patterns, and anomalies to help you better understand your organization’s performance and make informed strategic choices. By leveraging these advanced analytics, we will work to uncover actionable insights that will drive operational efficiencies, optimize resource allocation, and enhance forecasting accuracy. Infor data analysis with a Blue Eagle consultant will empower your organization to transform raw data into valuable knowledge.

  • Infor Training

    Collaborating closely with your staff, our committed team will guide the introduction of Infor product suite, delivering comprehensive training and enabling hands-on experience with the software. Our primary goal is to boost your team’s confidence and proficiency in effectively utilizing the software, equipping them with the essential tools and resources needed to integrate Infor into their daily operations seamlessly. With our support, your team will harness the complete potential of Infor software, driving success throughout your organization.

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At Blue Eagle, our dedication lies in providing exceptional consulting services for programs. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals with extensive operational and healthcare expertise. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, we have consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients. We will establish confidence that will  bring that same level of success and excellence to your healthcare organization. Contact Blue Eagle Consulting today or complete the form to schedule a consultation and experience the difference firsthand.

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