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With comprehensive healthcare information systems, McKesson helps hospitals maximize clinical performance and efficiency while providing more coordinated patient care. McKesson supports an evolving care model rather than a revenue-driven care model, producing a healthy bottom line by optimizing safety, smoothing throughput and improving workflow.

Horizon & Paragon HIS System
Designed to help health enterprises adapt to evolving care delivery and reimbursement models, Horizon & Paragon HIS Systems enables organizations to improve the business of care and empowers clinicians to deliver high-quality, safe care. Featuring ONC-ATCB-certified electronic health records for inpatient and ambulatory settings, McKesson HIS supports caregivers with evidence-based clinical content and workflow tools to make the best care decisions while maximizing time with patients.

  • HEO™
  • HEN™
  • HEP™
  • HPC™
  • Nursing Portal
  • Enterprise Visibility™
  • Physician Portal
  • Emergency Care
  • ICD-10
  • CMS SMEs
  • CPOE
  • HBF™
  • Insight™
  • Radiology™
  • Rad Station™
  • Laboratory
  • Admin-Rx™
  • HMM™
  • Patient Folder™
  • Surgical Manager™
  • HOM™
  • HED™