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Meditech Consultant Services

Blue Eagle’s mission is to equip your organization with the best possible MEDITECH consultants for your next project. We understand that not just anyone is up to the task. That’s why we listen to your individual needs, so we can provide consultants that match the specific requirements of your enterprise.

Our MEDITECH consultants consist of RNs, MDs, Project Managers and other professionals with PhDs from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’. They’re more than just technical resources; they’ve walked in your shoes and they know the challenges you’re facing.

The expertise our consultants provide runs the entire gamut of MEDITECH products and modules. Most importantly, we’ll help you maximize the value of your EHR investment. Our consulting resources specialize in all areas of implementations, upgrades, optimization, and training. They can also provide assistance with strategy and support.

MEDITECH Implementation Consulting

Our Implementation Specialists have experience with the latest products from MEDITECH and can help you avoid problems before they affect your operations. Our product SME’s have configured and built MEDITECH CS, Magic, and 6.x. With a proper implementation, the need for later optimization is minimized, allowing you to realize your ROI sooner.

MEDITECH Ring Release & Updates Consulting

Blue Eagle’s MEDITECH consultants can help you with updating complete ring releases or updates within a ring. We can also assist with Project Plans, Integrated Testing, and DTM Tracking and Management.


Preparations for the Central Core requirements and Menu Set choices are difficult and confusing. Our MU/ARRA specialists can help make the process simpler and prepare you for MU/ARRA reporting. We’ll also aid in Project Plans, CPOE, PDOC, IMO, and interface testing.

MEDITECH Strategy Consulting

Getting a system up and running is only half the battle. Making sure it’s being used properly will ensure you’re reaping the maximum benefit from your implementation. Our MEDITECH strategy consultants provide services like management consulting, CPOE Implementation and Planning, Clinical Workflow Improvement, Process Improvement, Order Optimization, and other training.

MEDITECH Optimization Consulting

Optimization isn’t just for an install that hasn’t gone as planned. Sometimes leadership, legislation, or other organizational changes require that you take a second look at how you’re running things. Workflows, Revenue Cycle Management, Supply Chain Management, and other day-to-day operations may need to be more dialed in. Our optimization consultants are there to get you over those hurdles and make your enterprise more efficient.

Other MEDITECH Consulting Services: 

  • Business Intelligence
  • NPR Reporting (Clinical and Financial)
  • System Build
  • Upgrades (6.0 | Magic | CS)
  • Ring Release Support
  • Project Management
  • Go-live Support


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