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You chose PeopleSoft from Oracle® because the services help manage the people in your healthcare organization and deliver more flexibility. But tapping into the full system potential to handle employees and integrate HR functions with ERP (enterprise resource planning may not be as easy as it sounds.)

That’s where Blue Eagle’s PeopleSoft consultants can step in to assist with PeopleSoft’s HCM services, like Human Capital PeopleSoft, its Supply Chain Management Services, its Financial Management services, or any of the myriad PeopleSoft tools and services. Our people can help your people best get the most from PeopleSoft and use PeopleSoft information to make better business decisions. When it comes to PeopleSoft, each Blue Eagle consultant likes to think of himself or herself as a “people person.” That’s why we can assist you in streamlining PeopleSoft processes and data models, assuring success of your PeopleSoft Enterprise healthcare business applications.


Why Blue Eagle Consulting?

When it comes to best practices in the healthcare industry, implementation of software solutions, and expertise about support services, Blue Eagle is your trusted partner. We provide you with a consultant who has in-depth knowledge about exactly what you need.

The main reason our consulting is so successful is that we hire the best of the best for whatever you need. Our consultants have expertise in PeopleSoft —you name it. 

We’ve been delivering success to healthcare clients for 2 decades, providing senior-level Oracle consulting and go live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise. 

We Help You Maximize PeopleSoft security, availability, and performance

Blue Eagle’s PeopleSoft consultants are ready to help healthcare organizations put PeopleSoft to work fast, with little or no customization and minimal impact to your internal resources. You can count on our innovative, person-to-person PeopleSoft approach to address your business requirements in a speedy, economical PeopleSoft implementation designed specifically for your healthcare organizations. Then, we’ll support you and your team at every step, so your company gets the most value, functionality, and efficiency from your PeopleSoft system.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core Consulting Services

    Workflows & Optimizations
    Build & Configuration
    Implementations & Upgrades
    Project Management
    Reporting & Data Warehousing
    Legacy Support

  • Supported Applications & Modules

    PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital PeopleSoft (HCM)
    PeopleSoft Financials
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Tools and Technology (PeopleTools)
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 9.2
    PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management
    PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Automation (Project Management)
    PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management (Procurement)
    PeopleSoft Cloud Manager
    PeopleSoft Enterprise In-Memory Applications
    PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
    Business Intelligence—Oracle EPM suite, including Oracle OBIEE, Oracle BI Applications, and Hyperion

  • End-to-End Support

    PeopleSoft Implementation and Configuration
    Project Management
    Interface Design and Development
    Data Conversion
    Project Auditing
    System Integration
    Inter-Enterprise Solutions
    PeopleSoft Hosting and Collaboration
    Fit/Gap Analysis
    PeopleSoft Workflow
    PeopleSoft Testing and Documentation
    PeopleSoft Managed Application Services
    PeopleSoft Migrations and Upgrades

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