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Siemens consultants at Blue Eagle have in-depth experience supporting the entire suite of Siemens Healthcare IT solutions, services, and applications. You can’t expect just anyone to help with your Healthcare IT and infrastructure. But Blue Eagle is ready to listen to your unique needs and provide the right consultants for your specific software, upgrades, or support projects. Blue Eagle consultants are senior-level Siemens SME’s, who typically have 5 to 7 years of hospital or clinical operations experience. We like to think of them as having achieved an on-the-job “PhD in hard knocks,” with their unique combination of Siemens know-how and familiarity with healthcare operations and patient care.

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Why Blue Eagle Consulting?

When it comes to best practices in the healthcare industry, implementation of software solutions, and expertise about support services, Blue Eagle is your trusted partner. We provide you with a consultant who has in-depth knowledge about exactly what you need.

The main reason our consulting is so successful is that we hire the best of the best for whatever you need. Our consultants have expertise in Siemens —you name it. 

We’ve been delivering success to healthcare clients for 16 years, providing senior-level consulting and go live support professionals with heavy operations and software expertise. 

We Help You Deliver Quality Patient Care with Financial Efficiencies

When it comes to Healthcare IT solutions, we’ve got your back…and help you with the “heavy lifting.” Trust Blue Eagle consultants to thoroughly understand the value and challenges of integrated Healthcare IT implementations.

That’s why we’re best suited to helping your organization overcome any obstacle that has been stumping you and providing the critical resources you need to ensure the success of your Siemens Healthcare IT related clinical, operational, and financial projects, including:

  • Planning and Strategy Development
  • Configuration/Build
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades and Optimization
  • Migration from MedSeries to Soarian
  • Project Definition–to Avoid ”Scope Creep”
  • Conversions from Legacy Systems
  • Physician Buy-In and Support
  • Additional Support Services
  • Business Information and Data Warehouse Activities

Areas of Expertise

  • Core Consulting Services

    Workflows & Optimizations
    Build & Configuration
    Implementations & Upgrades
    Project Management
    Reporting & Data Warehousing
    Legacy Support

  • Soarian

    Clinical Solutions

    Orders & Results

    Physician & Nursing Assessments
    Care Plans

    Critical Care

    Device Connect

    Workflow Management
    Revenue Cycle Management

  • MedSeries4TM (MS4)

    Clinical Suite/HER (including CPOE, Orders and Results, and Nursing Documentation)
    Revenue Cycle Management (including Patient Accounting, Scheduling, and Centralized Business Office)
    Patient Intake and Pre-registration
    Appointment Service Scenarios
    Essential Drugs and Medicines (EDM)

  • InvisionTM

    Patient Management
    Patient Accounting
    Net Access/ OAS / OAS GoldTM
    EAD/LCR/COR Application Services
    Order Processing
    Clinical Documentation
    CPOE/POE Starter Set
    Revenue Cycle Management
    AD HOC Wizard Reporting

  • Additional Departmentals and Product Types

    Siemens Pharmacy
    NOVIUS Lab
    Radiology Management
    Siemens syngo™Suite (RIS/PACS)
    Medication Administration Checking
    Siemens OPENLink™ Level I and II
    HDX™ EDI
    Decision Support Solutions

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