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Siemens Consulting at Blue Eagle

With extensive expertise in Siemens Healthcare IT solutions, services, and applications, Blue Eagle’s consultants have the essential experience to effectively support your healthcare IT and infrastructure requirements. With careful consideration of your individual needs, we offer highly experienced consultants to provide tailored software solutions, staff training, and continual support. Our consultants are senior-level Siemens subject matter experts offering 5 to 7 years of hands-on hospital or clinical operations background and a deep understanding of the complex challenges healthcare organizations face every day. Blue Eagle consultants offer a customized approach to ensure your staff has the tools and resources to make the most of the Siemens software.


Why Choose Blue Eagle?

Blue Eagle is your trusted partner when it comes to implementing a new software system into your healthcare organization. We offer highly experienced consultants that come equipped with the knowledge to help your organization make the most of the Siemens systems. Our consultants will walk you through each stage of your project, starting with initial implementation and throughout the go-live stage, and we will even provide support during the post-go-live phase. We aim to help your organization overcome any current challenges and are committed to providing you with the tools and resources to ensure the efficient use of the Siemens systems.

Blue Eagle Siemens Consulting Services

Blue Eagle’s services cover a wide range of applications and can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific organization. Learn more about our expertise in the following sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Blue Eagle’s Core Consultancy Services?
    • Workflows & Optimizations
    • Build & Configuration
    • Implementations & Upgrades
    • Project Management
    • Training
    • Reporting & Development
    • Data Warehousing
    • Integration
    • Legacy Support
    • Data and Analytics/Mapping
    • Utilization Management & Case Management Staff Augmentation
    • Chart Review
    • Coding Support (HCC and more)
  • What AMISYS Advance Modules Does Blue Eagle Support?
    • AMISYS AdvanceĀ 
    • Claims
    • Consumer Web Portal
    • EDI
    • Case Management
    • Contracts, Benefits, Membership, Enrollment, GL
  • Can I Hire Blue Eagle For Troubleshooting Solutions?

    At Blue Eagle, we take pride in offering a diverse range of services that can be customized to align with your organization’s specific needs seamlessly. Whether you need assistance overseeing day-to-day activities, tackling technical hurdles, or facilitating a complex software migration, our team of consultants is well-equipped with the expertise to bring these goals to life. As your trusted partner, we are fully committed to addressing any challenge, ensuring seamless operations, and laying the groundwork for your organization’s continued growth in the years ahead.

Areas of Expertise

  • Siemens Implementation

    The Siemens software is designed to bring cutting-edge technology to healthcare organizations. This innovative software utilizes advanced technology to streamline and enhance medical processes, diagnostic accuracy, and patient care. When you partner with Blue Eagle, our consultants will walk you through every step of the implementation process, from software installation to system configuration and staff training. Through every step of our work, we work with your team to ensure a seamless transition to the Siemens systems so your team can improve workflows and increase operational efficiency. Implementation with a Blue Eagle consultant means your team will have access to ample tools, resources, and knowledge to leverage Siemens to its fullest potential.

  • Siemens Optimization

    After the implementation process, ensuring optimal utilization of the Siemens software is essential. Our consultants will work with your team to conduct meticulous analysis, fine-tuning, and carefully adjust the Siemens software. Every adjustment made will be to ensure the software seamlessly aligns with the needs of your organization. By optimizing workflows and data management, our consultants will provide your team with tools to deliver improved patient care, streamlined operations, reduced costs, and enhanced outcomes. With this customized approach, our consultants will leverage the Siemens software to meet your organization’s needs, reduce inefficiencies, resolve performance issues, and ensure the software continues to benefit your organization long term.

  • Siemens Migration

    At Blue Eagle, we understand the importance of achieving a smooth transition to any new software. Our consultants are committed to providing extensive assistance to your team throughout the entire migration process. Your Blue Eagle consultant will be there to implement efficient workflows and processes to protect your data. We will work closely with your team to conduct thorough data testing to ensure a smooth transition and accurate migration. Additionally, we will create unique workflows designed specifically for your organization to ensure everyone on your team has the tools they need to utilize the Siemens software fully.

  • Siemens Data Analysis

    Siemens offers vast datasets covering many elements of healthcare organizations. Blue Eagle consultants will help your organization uncover and understand this wealth of information to make informed decisions about operations, budgeting, and more. We will carefully analyze the information within medical images, patient records, and clinical data to identify areas for improvement, patterns, and trends to create strategies to improve operations and patient care within your organization.

  • Siemens Training and Activation

    With your team now equipped with the abundant resources and tools within Siemens, it’s essential to ensure they have the knowledge and training to utilize the software to its fullest. Our comprehensive training includes hands-on exercises, training modules, and expert-led instruction to give your team the knowledge and expertise to navigate Siemens features and functions. Our consultants take special care to ensure your team has the confidence to integrate Siemens into their daily routines and use the software to deliver exceptional patient care.

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