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Blue Eagle Consulting, Inc.: Bringing Consultants and Business Together

It is said that no man is an island and that philosophy holds just as true for organizations, regardless of size. A company may be very accomplished and capable at what it does, but the need for external expertise is bound to arise somewhere along its journey.

It is here that Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) excels – in building bridges between organizations and knowledge experts. Currently focused exclusively on the healthcare sector, BEC is the trusted link between large service providers who invest in multimillion-dollar software and individuals who help them realize the full potential of those investments.

A Commitment to Consistency 

The consultation service that Blue Eagle Consulting provides is based on mutual respect between itself, its clients, and its consultants. The company’s management takes great care to emphasize how committed they are to providing the right solution to every client, irrespective of how tight a deadline they may be given.

Our clients need really skilled people. That’s what they’re looking for and that’s what they expect,” says Mark Griffin, Founder and President of Blue Eagle Consulting.

Proven Multidimensional Leadership 

Mark exemplifies that unwavering commitment to service excellence. Over a career spanning almost 25 years working for vendors selling solutions to hospitals and large physician groups, he built a solid reputation for being the go-to executive when a job had to be done right.

His business acumen, trained expertise, and penchant for recognizing opportunities and market trends saw him rise quickly to the echelon of CEO. He says that it is ironic, then, that the same stellar success that earned him plaudits in his career stifled the budding entrepreneur inside.

I always wanted to run my own company but that success in the corporate world is your biggest deterrent to doing something on your own. You are reluctant to walk away from that success and perceived safety net when you work for someone,” he explains.

Having worked on the other side of the business for 25 years, Mark understands all of the equation equally. He laughs when he recalls the disdain with which he regarded consultants in his years as an executive, “I just didn’t want to get into all the stuff that they were doing!”

An Unexpected Start, and Unforeseen Success 

Blue Eagle Consulting is perhaps the first company whose founder downplays its teething struggles to the extent that Mark does. When we asked him to elaborate on the struggles that he faced in gaining traction in the field, he told us that he did not really recall any!

My first client was a health plan provider I knew from the hospital world which had just bought and created a health plan in 2004. They needed an expert to help implement a piece of software they had recently acquired,” he says, “About two weeks later, I not only had a project lead – but four additional resources lined up for the account and we implemented that software for them. I found myself in business for myself.

Proven Value 

Mark understands the value that his clients expect when they come to him. Some clients spend as much as a hundred million dollars on a piece of software. Ensuring that it performs as expected and delivers as promised is crucial not only for the company and its investors but also to the individual executives who have to answer if such a large investment fails. “It’s gratifying that BEC is now well known by Health Plans and Providers as the people to call when you absolutely have to have top-tier contract resources in a JIT model. Clients know we will deliver. BEC’s commitment to only working with the best consultants and presenting them only to Clients with budget and appropriate need for their skills is why the leading software experts who are otherwise not available for standalone projects prefer to work through Blue Eagle. They know that the company is vested as staunchly in them as it is in its own reputation.”

Realizing Dreams 

Despite the company’s unprecedented track record of a 97% success rate, Mark is not one to rest on his laurels. He knows that the success that Blue Eagle enjoys is a direct result of the quality of the consultants that they engage.

Mark is the epitome of the business leader who has largely achieved the first stage of the goals he had envisioned when setting up his company. When asked about his future plans for Blue Eagle Consulting, he says that he would like for it to continue to grow, while never losing its focus and obsession with being at the ‘top of the pyramid, continuing to specialize in providing the most experienced and skilled consultants in the country’.

Considering the spectacular success that he has led it to already, that goal seems to be within grasp in the not too- distant future.

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