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At Blue Eagle Consulting, we understand the urgency of having your enterprise systems running correctly and recognize that you may not have the internal bandwidth or expertise to keep your systems as efficient as possible. That’s why we've assisted hundreds of companies in obtaining skilled consultants to help them within days, not weeks - all with no training required! Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can provide the help you need.

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What We Do

Since 2004, we have a proven track record of delivering success to healthcare clients on a variety of IT projects, providing senior-level consulting professionals with heavy operational and software expertise. Our biggest win is creating an ideal pairing between a consultant’s skill set and a client’s business need. Our consultants invest time upfront to clearly define the business objective you want to achieve, which gives us a narrow focus from the outset and allows us to target the individuals with that one stand-out skill you need to complete your project. Blue Eagle Consulting supplies resources for projects like EHR/ERP implementations, health plan build/configuration, revenue cycle management, and ICD-10.


Our Services

It’s more than EHR optimization services At Blue Eagle Consulting, we simplify your workflow to enhance patient care. We understand the frustration of implementing new EHR systems and the disappointment when they slow down operations instead of improving them. Our EHR optimization services focus on customizing and improving your system to ensure it aligns perfectly with your organization's needs. Trust us to transform your EHR into an asset, streamlining operations and allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Easier access to medical records in the digital age. Our EHR integration services streamline access to medical records for enhanced patient care. Say goodbye to outdated systems—our integration services refine clinical workflows, ensuring efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

We help you turn numbers into actionable insights. In today's dynamic world, data drives change. Blue Eagle Consulting’s Healthcare Data Analytics solutions empower you to leverage data effectively. We specialize in simplifying the complexities of medical data, enabling advanced analytics to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and streamline financial performance. Partner with us to unlock the potential of your data and drive improvements across patient satisfaction, cost-efficiency, and healthcare quality.

We care for your IT systems so you can care for your patients. At Blue Eagle Consulting, we specialize in managing IT systems, offering experienced consultants dedicated to keeping your technology running smoothly. From infrastructure updates to data security, our services optimize operations and enhance efficiency, allowing your staff to concentrate on patient needs.

Stop leaving money on the table. At Blue Eagle Consulting, our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services are designed to help healthcare providers maximize revenue potential. We streamline the complex process of patient movement through the system, reducing losses due to administrative aspects and insurance claim denials. With a focus on improving cash flow, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, our services offer a holistic approach to revenue management.

Healthcare project management - get it right the first time! Blue Eagle Consulting’s Healthcare Project Management services help you navigate complex healthcare projects effectively, optimizing your organization’s performance without unnecessary stress. With a keen understanding of both clinical environments and technological landscapes, our consultants provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring successful project implementation and staff adoption.

Go live successfully with our implementation services. Blue Eagle's Implementation Services help you to navigate complex transitions from diverse systems, offering easy consolidation of data for quicker decision-making. With experienced consultants skilled in leading software like Epic and Cerner, we provide ongoing support for uninterrupted operational excellence in patient care.

Your end-users are only as good as their training. Blue Eagle Consulting specializes in training aligned with major EHR and ERP systems such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and Meditech. Our unique approach involves skilled consultants and a Super-User program for workflow continuity. We match consultants with your specific needs, ensuring a smooth transition and providing top-tier training with a 96% renewal rate.

Our Process


Get Matched

After learning about you, your organization, and your current needs, we’ll match you with a proficient consultant whose experience matches your project’s needs and implement a dynamic, specific project plan.


Get Matched

After learning about you, your organization, and your current needs, we’ll match you with a proficient consultant whose experience matches your project’s needs and implement a dynamic, specific project plan.


Get More Out of Your Software

Our hands-on, in-person, or remote training ensures confident end users are able to continue high-quality care throughout the duration of your project and beyond.

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