Video: Why Go-Live Support with Blue Eagle Is the Right Move for Your Hospital

Implementing a new EHR platform or optimizing your current medical record is a heavy lift, and it’s imperative to have a partner with the experience, work ethic, and methodologies to ensure your success. At Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC), we know what it takes to make this happen because we’ve been there before.

Over the last 17 years we’ve developed a network of consultants with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. There are many other healthcare IT consulting firms that offer training and go-live support so you may ask, “Why Blue Eagle?” The reason you should partner with BEC is simple: our methodologies are different and, quite simply, better. Keep reading to find out why go-live support with Blue Eagle is the right move for your hospital.

Consultants Matched Based on Background

When we take on a new hospital or healthcare organization, we don’t match consultants based on availability. Our consultants have vast experience in the healthcare industry, and we put that experience to work for you.

If we have a consultant with previous experience as an OB-GYN nurse, we put them on the obstetrics and gynecology team for go-live. Because they already know the intricate workflows of that field, they can more easily understand the needs and frustrations of end-users. They have the most relevant best practice knowledge as well.

By cultivating a strong team of ATE (at-the-elbow) support, our consultants are better attuned to the needs of end-users. This enables them to provide better end-user support. It also gives consultants more confidence to provide support where they are most comfortable. When we empower our ATE team with confidence, they, in turn, empower your end-users with confidence.


Our proprietary go-live support dashboard tool provides real-time work output reporting, which provides great value during your go-live and beyond. You can see which end-users might be struggling, which units are requiring the most support, support need trends across your organization, plan the workload for the incoming shift, monitor tickets, and more. By monitoring working conditions in real-time and providing support to struggling units, you can ensure operations continue running smoothly and that patient care isn’t compromised.

Super-User Program

The super-user program is unique to Blue Eagle Consulting. Most companies don’t look at EHR implementation like we do, and many of our methodologies were developed through on-the-job failures.

There are a few aspects to consider when going through the super-user selection process, such as:

             – Timing; they should be engaged early on

             – Department; all departments should have representation

             – Input; they should have a voice in their workflows and what’s important to their unit that might not be applicable somewhere else in the organization

Once your super-user(s) is/are identified, Blue Eagle handles their training differently than the rest of the end-users. In the end, they will have a better, more well-rounded understanding of the technology, end-user engagement, and how those two pieces form the patient’s hospital course experience.

During your go-live, super-users are often identified by wearing a particular colored shirts. Their main goal during that time is to provide assistance wherever needed. Afterward, they should stay informed on upgrades, changes, and updates and ensure their teammates are up-to-date.

Provider Adoption

Provider adoption is imperative for a successful EHR Implementation. Much like the Super User program, provider adoption engagement should start early. These stakeholders should have input starting as early as the selection process. BEC has a unique approach to engage providers, foster investment, create excitement and, ultimately, ensure high rates of adoption.

Provider training and provider ATE support consultants must be the right fit. At Blue Eagle, we understand that and we get it right the first time. If your providers are engaged, the tone is set for your entire organization. BEC helps you and your team set the right tone with provider engagement success.

Trainers Always Available for Go-Live Support

Blue Eagle is passionate about training. We can design, implement and manage your training program for go-live. Each trainer is specially matched based on background, and we will work with you to make sure they know what your hospital-specific nuances of the system will be. They are often on-site training for weeks and become immersed in the culture of your organization, getting to know the people they’re training. This helps things go smoothly at go-live  because they are known to the end-users they have trained. The most successful go-live plans use their trainers as team leaders for ATE support resources during go-live.

Trainers and super-users will work hand-in-hand. Super-users should be proctors in all training classes to bridge the gap between trainers and hospital employees and answer organization-specific questions. Since the super-user will be there long after the trainer is gone, it’s helpful for them to sit in on these sessions to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to new employees.

Get Go-Live Support with Blue Eagle!

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