New Partnership: Fi-Med Management, Inc.

Blue Eagle is thrilled to partner with Fi-Med Management, Inc.

The new partnership between Fi-Med Management, Inc. and Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) will take what is currently available from their proprietary solutions in partnership with BEC to create a more powerful Value-Based Care solution. In this exclusive collaboration, Blue Eagle Consulting will integrate output analysis from revealMD RAF into a clients’ EMR and possible workflow scenarios to improve patient care as well as maximize reimbursement.

Fi-Med is a healthcare technology and service firm that developed a proprietary technology that enables healthcare organizations to identify missed revenue and audit risk. They leverage its 360-degree understanding of Value-Based Care (VBC), Compliance, Revenue Cycle Management, Transitional Care Management, and Chronic Care Management to assist healthcare organizations in maximizing revenues and minimizing their overall risk profile. Staffed by some of healthcare’s top, most seasoned professionals, they partner with clients to deliver tools and analysis to level the playing field for Providers, Hospitals, Hospital Systems, and Accountable Care Organizations nationwide.

Technology Solution at your Fingertips!

revealMD is a powerful Smart Technology designed for Fee for Service model that enables Fi-Med professionals to quickly identify revenue and coding opportunities that places healthcare organizations at audit risk. Rather than having the client’s staff spend hours and days trying to find coding issues, either Fi-Med or the client’s coding staff can quickly identify Provider Outliers and spend time correcting the problem rather than searching for the problem. Their team of experts includes certified coders, former Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Auditor, and industry-leading IT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) experts. The goal is to enable revealMD clients to efficiently and effectively assess their coding issues resulting in lost revenue or placing them at audit risk.

With the growth of Value-Based Care and Risk-based contracts, we are seeing increased stress and challenges for CDI teams trying to find revenue lost due to Gaps in Care and Provider coding that does not support Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scoring. Fi-Med’s flagship analytic technology, revealMD RAF, turns monthly billing data into an instant, comprehensive report of physician risk, revenue opportunities, and “Gaps in Care.” Using the same benchmarking standards as CMS uses, revealMD RAF gives internal teams the clarity they need to plug their “Gaps,” prevent costly fines and reap millions in revenues annually.

Services Tailored to Maximize Reimbursement

Fi-Med offers several services in addition to the revealMD technology that provides significant value to healthcare organizations of all sizes. When Fi-Med works with a healthcare organization, it starts by understanding the challenges and needs of the organization and creates a customized solution that addresses the unique needs of that organization. Services may include elements of any or all of Fi-Med’s service offerings.

  • Well Living Initiative
  • RCM Plus
  • New Provider Hire Assessment Service
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Value Assessment Service
  • Revenue Value Assessment Service (Fee for Service)
  • Revenue Value Assessment Service (Value-Based Care)
  • Audit Risk Assessment Service
  • Additional Support Services

The Fi-Med Managment and Blue Eagle Consulting Partnership Takes RAF to the Next Level

The collaboration between Fi-Med and Blue Eagle Consulting will help organizations increase reimbursement rates, reduce audit risk, improve patient care, as well as optimize system workflow. This partnership will allow payer and providers organizations to see Gaps in Care and recommended remediation to immediately reduce losses. No matter how mature, developed and value/feature rich a software solution is, the care and feeding or people component required to master its information for a maximum and/or sustained benefit is a struggle that most organizations fail to recognize, achieve, or sustain. Together, we solve this by providing a resource(s) that is highly skilled and experienced to effect ROI with greater speed and levels of achievement by transforming RevealMD’s Data into EHR Optimization to allow physician to make actionable and achievable results.

About Fi-Med

Fi-Med Management, Inc. is a trusted expert in financial healthcare management, compliance, risk assessment, and chronic care management. Since 1993, Fi-Med has worked closely with healthcare organizations to maximize revenue and reduce risk—from catching billing errors to providing high-level safeguards against compliance risk. It offers a proprietary Predictive Analytics solution for Fee for Service and Value-Based Care, patient care services, Well Living Initiative, and Revenue Cycle Management.

Get in touch with Fi-Med or Blue Eagle Consulting today to see how we can help with your risk adjustment needs and much more. Give them a call at 262-788-9244 or contact them here.